Summit Financial Services


Many salon owners are talented, successful service providers with an entrepreneurial dream.
If bookkeeping and finances are uncomfortable, or new to you, we can help!

This FREE 25 minute webinar will show you how to avoid the top 5 mistakes and have more confidence with your salon finances.

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In the webinar we will cover:

  • MISTAKE #1: Trying to do it yourself, without proper knowledge of bookkeeping.
  • MISTAKE #2: Procrastination due to being uncomfortable with bookkeeping.
  • MISTAKE #3: Utilizing an accountant that is not familiar with the salon industry.
  • MISTAKE #4: Inputting information, but not understanding how to review the reports.
  • MISTAKE #5: Not understanding how to read a Balance Sheet to evaluate your business.

In the webinar we will also review the top questions salon owners have regarding Summit’s Financial Services Division. Questions, like:

  1. QUESTION: How is my salon budget determined?
  2. QUESTION: How is having Summit Financial Services going to help me at year end?
  3. QUESTION: How long will it be before I see my first set of Financial Statements after I sign up?

And so much more!