World Class Service Training

FACILITATORS – Dave Kirby and Heather Bagby

Allow your team to discover the keys to providing World Class Service and to building a financially rewarding career in your salon.

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Summit Stylist


  • “My mind is blown! Things that are so common sense but presented in a way that seems reasonable and fair to me and to my client” – LeAnn Balmanno
  • “Great information! I feel like I’m starting over in my career after 10+ years in the industry. But I now have a clearer mind as to how my goals in my career and life will go more smoothly” – Kate Greiner
  • “Dave gave me a great idea to get some fresh faces in the salon. Messaging people who like or follow me that I don’t necessarily know, but know they are not already my client. And just sending them a friendly reminder that I’m sure they’re happy with their stylist but if the day ever comes that they’re looking for a change, I’m here.I did it today. And I’m pretty confident I’ll be seeing this woman soon sitting in my chair. Here’s proof you always have something to learn and what you’re asking of your team, you should also be doing yourself – no matter what level you are.” Erin C.


  • State of the industry
  • Business trends
  • Understanding the changing consumer
  • Best practices of successful salon professionals
  • Key performance indicators
  • Building business behind the chair
  • Career planning – growing through the Level System
  • Personal financial planning – building wealth
  • Intelligent verbiage – scripts for World Class Service
  • Enhancing the client experience in your salon
  • Action plan

The Summit Stylist Workshop is also available as a private in-salon event for your team. Please email Dave Kirby for more information.

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