Heather Bagby

Heather Bagby Heather serves SSBC as its Vice President of Business Development, board member, facilitator, and consultant. Heather’s enthusiasm and passion for organizational development is instrumental in leading salons to consistently deliver management solutions that drive growth and achieve organizational effectiveness. Heather is a graduate of Auburn University, holds a certificate in association management from… Read more »

Glenn Baker

Glenn Baker, Senior Director of Consulting Glenn serves SSBC as a board member, shareholder, facilitator and Director of the Summit Salon Consulting Division. For more than 20 years, Glenn has been dedicated to developing winning business strategies for salon professionals.  As Vice President and Partner with the Head Shoppe Co. Ltd. group of salons, Glenn… Read more »

Macayla Baskerville

Macayla Baskerville Macayla serves SSBC as a Summit Salon Consultant. She spent 15 years as a stylist and 11 years as a salon owner.  After one year on the Summit Salon Systems, Macayla helped to grow her salon by over $660,000. She specializes in coaching her clients to unlimited growth with proven business strategies and empowering… Read more »

Mary Cole

Mary Cole Mary serves SSBC as a board member, shareholder and as the Product Manager. Over the past 30 years she has worked in the salon industry as a stylist, salon owner, and educator. The past 20 years have been focused on using that experience to develop materials and programs to help salon professionals grow… Read more »

Michael Cole

Michael Cole Michael serves SSBC as a board member, shareholder and facilitator. He has accumulated over 30 years experience as a stylist, manager, executive chain director and multiple salon owner. For 20+ years, Michael has been the founder and president of Salon Development Corporation, an international company specializing in salon business training.  He is a… Read more »

Frank Gambuzza

Frank Gambuzza  Frank serves SSBC as a board member, shareholder and facilitator. His career in the professional beauty industry spans more than 30 years, and includes studying with Vidal Sassoon Academies and the Jingles Schools of Advanced Training. He started Salon Visage in 1984, which has grown into a multi-million dollar company with more than… Read more »

Sharmaine Giorgio

Sharmaine Giorgio  Sharmaine serves SSBC as a consultant, shareholder, & facilitator. On top of being an accomplished Salon Consultant, Sharmaine is also part of our Spa Specialty division, which expands her consulting practice to include Med Spas, and Spa-only companies. Most recently she has accepted a role as onsite trainer for new consultants joining SSBC…. Read more »

Darci Gutfreund

Darci Gutfreund (pr. Good-froynd) Darci serves SSBC as a shareholder and the Director of Training. Her energy, humor, attitude, and curiosity allow her to connect with current and potential brand partners, vendors, school owners, educators, and students. Darci attributes her success to authentically listening to each client so she can provide resources for practical, profitable… Read more »

David Hodges

David Hodges  David serves SSBC as a shareholder, facilitator and Summit Salon Consultant. As the owner of Salon Disegno, the Summit Salon Systems have been a tremendous factor in his success. He attended the Summit prior to opening his salon and has enjoyed a profit every quarter. He is now a multi-location salon owner and… Read more »

Luke Huffstutter

Luke Huffstutter  Luke serves SSBC as a shareholder, facilitator and Summit Salon Consultant. He is an energetic and passionate leader who took his own salon, Annastasia Salon in Portland, Oregon, to great success using the Summit Salon Systems. The systems were so effective for Luke that he can step away from his salon and help… Read more »

Dave Kirby

Dave Kirby Dave serves SSBC as a stockholder, board member and as the Senior Director of Training. Since entering the salon industry in 1983, Dave has worn the hats of stylist, manager, business owner, educator and salon management consultant. He was an educator and consultant with Michael Cole’s Salon Development Corporation for five years. Dave… Read more »

Randy Kunkel

Randy Kunkel Randy serves SSBC as a board member, shareholder and facilitator. He has over 30 years experience as a stylist, manager and multiple salon owner. Randy, along with his wife Sharon, founded KRS Consulting Group in 1993 to focus on issues related specifically to salon management and ownership. Randy is stockholder and board member… Read more »

Sharon Kunkel

Sharon Kunkel   Sharon serves SSBC as a board member, shareholder and  as the Director of Operations. She is the co-founder of KRS Consulting.  Sharon is the behind the scenes traffic controller…. Read more »

Britta Larson

Britta Larson  Britta serves SSBC as a shareholder and Summit Salon Consultant. She opened Hairazors Salon in Shorewood, Minnesota in 1996. One of the first salons to implement the Summit Salon Systems. Britta is also a co-owner of The Salon Professional Academy, a cosmetology school in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Prior to joining SSBC in 1999, Britta… Read more »

Deb McMahan

Deb McMahan  Deb serves SSBC as a shareholder, Team Leader and Summit Salon Consultant. Deb brings years of experience and knowledge from being a salon owner, Redken Artist and Territory Development Manager. She is also a certified John C . Maxwell teacher, trainer and speaker. Deb’s passion for organizational structure, leadership development and financial knowledge,… Read more »

Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell Nicole serves SSBC as a board member, shareholder, facilitator and Summit Salon Consultant. She began her career as a stylist in 1992 and is currently a multiple salon owner and Summit Salon Academy owner. As a Summit Salon Educator, Nicole is responsible for providing effective guidance and leadership to salon owners and service… Read more »

Julie Molina

Julie Molina Julie serves SSBC as a shareholder, Certifed Front Desk Trainer and team leader. She is a Redken Certified Colorist and one of the salon’s fastest growing stylists. During her career she also worked as an educator and admissions specialist at The Salon Professional Academy in Toledo, Ohio. Through her fast-track growth as a… Read more »

Kierstin Nemer

Kierstin Nemer Kierstin Nemer has spent over 25 years in the professional beauty industry.  In 2021 she will be celebrating her 15th anniversary with SSBC.  She has served the industry in a variety of roles from Lead Front Desk Support to Shareholder of a multi location, multi million dollar salon company. Currently she serves as… Read more »

Michael Nikolas

Michael Nikolas  Michael serves SSBC as a shareholder and Summit Salon Consultant. With over 30 years in the industry, Michael has been a stylist, an owner, a beauty school educator, and a district manager for several salons. He owned his own salon for 15 years and became a Summit Salon Business Center Consultant after witnessing… Read more »

Gavin Salsbery

Gavin Salsbery Gavin serves SSBC as a board member, shareholder, team leader and Summit Salon Consultant. He has successfully hired and trained 20+ Summit Salon Consultants since 2004. Gavin is a salon owner and a senior business consultant who advises several of the industry’s most recognized award- winning salons. His expertise is in working with… Read more »