shelbygeist.150x154Shelby Geist

Shelby serves SSBC as a Summit Salon Consultant. With 30 + years experience in this industry as an owner, employee, Redken Artist, educator and distributor sales consultant she has a wealth of knowledge to share. With her enthusiasm and passion for the people who have chosen this path in life it is her goal to see that they have all the tools they need to make this a profitable successful business.

Being somewhat of a Summit junkie (she has attended 5), and seeing the value the Summit Salon Systems bring to a Salon and/or Spa she is passionate about helping you put these systems into place to help you reach your goals.


  • I flip houses. It’s so much fun to take a house that is run down and make it desirable again!
  • I have been chased by a bear and bitten by a rattlesnake. Two experiences I don’t wish on anyone!
  • I can change a race car tire with the best of them! I am very often the pit chief for both my husband and son at the race track.