Richard Nalder

Born and raised in Idaho, Richard has been in the hair industry for over 16 years. Starting in cosmetology school at 18 years old, he holds both a barber and cosmetologist license. Richard and his spouse, Ashley, met in cosmetology school and married in 2007. They have a son name Elijah. Together they opened a barbershop company in Eagle, Idaho and created a great living for themselves in the first year of business. Wanting to share the success they had found, they felt called to teach up-and-coming barbers how to create amazing income – so they hired their first employee.

Unsure of how to handle employees and incentives, they knew there must be a better way to offer employee benefits. It was here that Summit came into the picture, and they attended their first Summit in Portland, Oregon.

One of Richard’s greatest passions is to grow people. He is a firm believer that those in the hair industry are professionals and should be able to create a lifestyle that comes with being a professional. Richard knows that mentorship is prime in life and lives by the quote, “show me your mentor and I will show you your future.”

Additional Insights & Interests

  • I went to cosmetology school as a joke and ending up loving the industry.
  • I moved out from my parents house at 16 years old and still graduated high school with a GPA of 3.7 while working full time at a fast food restaurant.
  • Went white water rafting with a friend and our raft flipped in a level 6 rapid and was stranded in the Idaho wilderness for 48 hours without food water or shelter. You can ask him for the full story when you meet!