lhuffstutter150x154Luke Huffstutter 

Luke serves SSBC as a shareholder, facilitator and Summit Salon Consultant. He is an energetic and passionate leader who took his own salon, Annastasia Salon in Portland, Oregon, to great success using the Summit Salon Systems.

The systems were so effective for Luke that he can step away from his salon and help other business owners as a consultant. Living on the west coast and being surrounded by lease salons has given him a unique perspective and willingness to help salons go from breaking even to being profitable.

Luke is the 4th generation of his family to be in the industry and has high hopes that everyone can have a life of abundance in the beauty industry.


  • Acted in six plays in high school.
  • Captain of the football team.
  • First chair alto sax in Jazz Band.
  • Went to college to become a history teacher.
  • I am the fourth generation in my family to be drawn to this amazing salon industry!