Lillie Thornton

Lillie started beauty school at her local skill center at the age of 16, never knowing that she would have so many options in this industry.  She has been working behind the chair for over 36 years continuously. Lillie has been an employee, a booth renter for over 20 years, managed a salon while training associates and she recently became an instructor.

Lillie left a clientele of 19 years to start over in another city, and just recently left a clientele of 17 years to move back home to be with her family and soul friends.

Lillie was fortunate enough to meet Michael Shea and Dan Brassfield who introduced her to the Summit System in 2012. They explained the system and it just made sense.  “It was scary to transition from a booth renter to an employee but, I did it anyway.”  One year later she was managing the salon, and in four years she had doubled her gross earnings!

This is the reason Lillie is so passionate about sharing the summit system.  She know it works because she did it after 29 years working behind the chair, and it has been a life changing experience for her.


  • She gave her first haircut to her sister’s friend when she was in the 7th grade.  She’s not sure how great it was, but she was happy.
  • She loves all things metaphysical.
  • She loves music, dancing and laughing.