Kim Bonadio

Engaging creative minds for over 30 years, Kim Bonadio is known for sharing her infectious spirit along with her impeccable hairdressing and career legacy; her presentations are clear, concise and always entertaining. Kim finds inspiration from her travels throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and Latin America: educating the latest trends in hairstyling, launching creative brands, coaching and building career skills, and styling media and fashion events. Every experience is an adventure, every bit of wisdom shared is a joy!

Kim has served as an Artistic/Education Team Member for some of the most prestigious international professional brands which allowed her to positively challenge her skills, and spread educational messages throughout the world. She also worked closely with laboratory teams which allowed her to be at the cutting edge of new product research and development. Kim now currently maintains her exclusive clientele at Blondie Salons in Newton and Waltham MA, where she also proudly grows and develops new Stylists as Company Manager!

Kim credits education, instinct, spontaneity, and curiosity as the driving forces in her passion. She loves to be part of moments that are beautiful, glamorous, ageless, and fun! Kim is incredibly grateful to have her loving and supportive family; they laugh together, cook, sing out-of-tune, watch too much Seinfeld, Scooby Doo and Three Stooges, and always just enjoy the moments together. Her ideal day off would be spent at the beach, watching her Lagotto Romagnolo dig holes in the sand, enjoying a beachside feast with loved ones. Kim feels lucky to have found not only her career in life, but her calling, and is so thankful for the opportunity to share with others!!!