Kierstin Nemer

Kierstin Nemer has spent over 25 years in the professional beauty industry.  In 2021 she will be celebrating her 15th anniversary with SSBC.  She has served the industry in a variety of roles from Lead Front Desk Support to Shareholder of a multi location, multi million dollar salon company. Currently she serves as an award winning SSBC Consultant, Regional Team Leader for the Northeast Division, and as a Shareholder of SSBC.

When she is not leading salon companies to achieve their fullest potential, she also leads a team of 10+ consultants throughout the Northeast who are also team leaders and awarding winning consultants. “As a leader, the best reward is when you can help to develop others to be leaders themselves.”


  • I have a love of travel and experience different cultures. My favorite place I the world in Greece. I have been 3 times!
  • I grew up in Fargo, ND and moved to the East Coast in 2007.  After a decade in Philadelphia I now reside in Cherry Hill NJ.
  • After a long rewarding day, my favorite way to decompress is to watch reality television. It’s my dirty little secret!