Katie West

Katie moved to Austin in 2014 to attend Cosmetology school and give her life a refresh. She grew up braiding her Barbie’s hair, and realized her true calling at a very young age, but didn’t always know it was what she was supposed to do.

Katie went to college to become a nurse, but quickly realized it was not for her. Katie was inspired by her grandma and she feels that following in her footsteps and becoming a hairstylist was what she was meant to do.

After graduating from Cosmetology school, Katie started her career at Urban Betty. She knew immediately in her career that educating other stylists and the future of our industry was important to her. Fast forward 5 years, and she is now a level 4AAA (Level 7) working with two associates and booking every 30 minutes. Her goal is to grow all of her associates to become better than her, and give them all of the tools that they need to climb the ladder of success!

Katie came to Austin knowing no one and grew her business entirely through social media and referrals. As she continues on this journey, growing through the level system has shown her that if we do not continue to grow with our industry we will fall behind very quickly. Katie uses virtual consultations with every new guest that comes to her.

Katie is looking forward to helping other salons and stylists utilize social media to grow their business and educate them on the importance of social media, and the associate program, and how fun they can be.


  • She became a Level 4 stylist in a year and is now a Level 4AAA, working with two associates and booking a new guest every 30 minutes.
  • She loves to wine and dine with her friends and family, try out all of the new restaurants in Austin, she loves to garden, and travel!
  • She has two Sheepadoodle dogs, Ollie and Goldie.