Jessica McCoy

Jessica became a licensed hairdresser in 1993. She was introduced to advanced education immediately in her first salon job, realized its value and fell in love. At the beginning of her career Jessica’s enthusiasm for education lead her to become a L’Oréal technical training partner. After several years of working behind the chair and traveling to train other hairdressers advanced techniques and color theory, she decided it was time to pursue a new direction.

Jessica and her partner opened their salon in 2003. They grew the business to become recognized as a Top 200 salon in the county. They achieved this accomplishment two years in a row. When the salon hit a growth threshold, they started to look for an opportunity to achieve greater success. This pursuit for success led them to Summit.

Summit salon ownership reignited Jessica’s passion and her enthusiasm about salon ownership. Her energy and dedication have become focused on developing a strong Associate Program.

“Where focus goes energy flows.” -Tony Robbins

Implementing the Associate Program allows guests to enjoy celebrity-like experiences while cultivating the stylist’ skills and providing associate business building techniques, customer service and boosting their confidence.

Addition Insights & Interests

  • She has a license to drive a motorcycle but prefers to photograph scenery while letting her husband do the driving.
  • She is an only child but was given a “soul sister” best friend born only two weeks apart. This best friend has followed her passion and joined the industry and now is also a salon owner. Friendship and lives forever intertwined.
  • The most fulfilling accomplishment she is most proud of is her 20-years and running marriage and her two very spirited full of life boys Keegan and Zane.