jboutwell.105x154Jennifer Boutwell

Jennifer serves SSBC as a Summit Salon Consultant as well as Social Digital Consultant and iSummit facilitator. She has been in the professional beauty industry for more than 25 years and is the owner of Salon Sanity in Gretna, LA.  She attributes her success to the Summit Salon Systems and has dedicated her career to sharing these systems with other salon company’s in the country. Jennifer brings her personal experience as an owner, stylist, philanthropist, and public speaker to coach and motivate others to success.

“The Summit taught me to achieve financial success, coach team members to achieve their personal career goals, and how to become a better leader. It is my passion to share what I’ve learned with others.”


  • Became an entrepreneur at the age of 13 owning a worm farm for the bait shops. Thanks to Hurricane Juan, I got out of the worm farm business to pursue other opportunities.
  • Represented the State of Louisiana in the 1999 Mrs. United States Pageant.
  • Active as a community volunteer and philanthropist.