Gail serves SSBC as a Summit Salon Trainer Her path to SSBC came from her years of interaction with, and admiration for, the SSBC team while working for L’Oréal in the Professional Products Division. Gail held VP Marketing and Business Development positions at L’Oréal over the course of 20 years, always focused on the salon industry. During that time, she worked on numerous products and programs, including retail and service initiatives, promotional and merchandising plans, loyalty campaigns, and overall business training and support. Gail was also part of a start-up team at L’Oréal called “Drive Salon Success/Retail Innovation & Development”, working with salon companies on plans for growth and profitability.

Gail’s passion for the industry and helping people achieve their dreams is at her core. Her drive combined with her years of experience are behind everything she brings to salon companies to help them achieve their goals for happiness and prosperity.


  • Avid runner. Central Park is my oasis – I’ve logged over 2,000 runs in the park!
  • One marathon and 15 half-marathons to-date. Amazing how you appreciate the training and forget the pain the moment you cross the finish line – a life lesson there for sure!
  • A true Scorpio – very loyal and love my family and friends!