Emily Richardson

Emily Serves SSBC as a Spa Consultant.  She works in Durham, NC as the General Manager/Co-Owner of Bella Trio Salon and Spa and Bella Trio Studio since 2007.  Her staff of 50+ is comprised of equal parts Salon and Spa as well as support staff.  This Company started with Summit Systems in 2012 and really saw the results once they brought on their team of coaches in 2016.  Since implementing the Summit into all areas of the company she was able to grow from $2 million to $3.3 million in 6 years and her one on one staff coaching has grown many staff members to reach the wonderful 6 figure mark.  She has a major passion for mentoring her staff and coaching them on their numbers.

A graduate of Meredith College in Raleigh, NC with a double degree in Business and Communications she spent many years in the banking industry which did not feed her creative side and dance/theater background.  Once starting at Bella Trio as a front desk member and wedding coordinator/make up artists, she realized this was where she was always supposed to be and quickly stepped into the General Manager position.

She loves to maintain and monitor a positive culture and thinks it is crucial for the financial success of all companies.  Her calm demeanor and love of helping people to be their best has helped her to shift Bella Trio from a salon and spa to a company.  She can’t wait to share her passion for the prescriptive spa experience and is excited to help you navigate this journey with Summit and bring happiness and financial success to spa providers and owners.


  • Emily was in a play in high school that won an award for best ensemble in a national competition
  • She used to pretend to be sick so she could stay home from school because she knew her Mom would have to take her to the salon where she worked
  • Emily’s inspiration is the fighting strength of her son who was born a 30 week preemie, and defies all odds by showing no health issues and a very stubborn personality