Emily Climer

During Emily’s over 18 years in the industry, she has garnered many prestigious achievements such as; Certified Designer and Colorist!  Her passion for education inspires her continued growth, and always making sure others around her grow as well.  Emily is a true leader!  In the beginning while working for a large corporation, Emily’s passion quickly elevated her to becoming a lead stylist, and eventually the Manager.  If that isn’t enough, Emily decided  to become her own independent contractor having 1 single chair, that quickly grew to 3 of her own. She moved her small team of 3 to a full store front retail/salon space!  Now she is up to many more service providers and growing associates as well!  She will vow and claim, “If it had not been for Summit Salon Business Center, this would not have happened.”  Her continued commitment to the industry is to help others make their dreams come true as well.  If you are a small or new  salon company, you will love Emily.  Have a boutique salon that needs to stop being stagnant? Emily is your coach!


  • Emily loves health and fitness
  • She loves social media
  • She never meets a stranger because she makes friends everywhere she goes