Dani Miller

Dani began her journey in the salon industry as a high school senior in running start. Upon graduating high school, she was also able to become a licensed cosmetologist and obtain an AA in salon business management. Dani initially thought doing hair would be a great way to work her way through college but instead came to realized she had found her calling. She started her career at a salon company called MODA in 2001 and would often assistant the owner to gain more knowledge and she is ultimately still doing that today as the salon and spa director.

MODA brought on Summit in 2009 where Dani was placed as a Level 3 stylist. She has worked her way through the level systems, taking on associates for the past 10 years and even creating new levels in her salon company where she currently works as a level 7 with 2 associates behind the chair.

She offers her unique ability to coach from a stylists perspective and absolutely loves motivating others to dream big and find success. Dani is also a licensed/practicing aesthetician and can offer insights into salon companies who employ aestheticians as well. While serving in her role as salon director at MODA, she has seen firsthand the importance of communication and team wins and how vital the relationships between the owners, leadership team, front desk, sales team and service providers can be to the overall success of the salon company and culture. She hopes to help owners find not only find financial growth and success but also peace and restored passion because she believes you are the real MVPs and you deserve it!


  • I have a 12- and 13-year-old who keep me on my toes and teach me a lot about the younger generations I work with. More importantly, they remind me I am no longer cool yet I can still be relevant!
  • I absolutely love to travel and try new things – but I hate to plan vacations! I am an amazing travel companion and super easy going so if you plan it, I will come.
  • I have found the secret to happiness! I believe when we serve others and step outside of ourselves we will find real fulfillment. My husband and I are active in community service and love to take in those without a home or help those who are hurting and together we strive to live a life that counts.