CaylaRae Ledbetter

CaylaRae is a Level 4AA stylist at a summit salon in Georgia, and has been for 13 years.  She started her career in a summit salon as an associate working all the way through the level system. CaylaRae’s goal as a consultant is to use her wide range of expertise from being a stylist behind the chair, a certified social media trainer, and a certified associate trainer to increase productivity and efficiency of stylists and salon owners around the country.



  • She has wanted to be a hair stylist her entire life. She went straight from high school to hair school to a salon company and became a level 4AA stylist within 5 years.
  • She did beauty pageants from the time she was a baby until she was 22 years old.
  • She always try’s to find the humor in every situation – laughter is the best!