Mission Possible

Two Day

Implement leadership, front desk, and team synergy systems to produce thousands more with the clients you already have!

Facilitated by Kristi Valenzuela and Glenn Baker

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Your biggest takeaway from Mission Possible was…

“Your skills are a given, clients are judging everything else.”

“Keeping track of actual numbers; Focus on all goals not only personal, but all staff, including front desk.”

“New better, bigger, different; How much front desk really needs good training; How important rebooking is; Social media & having clients post instead of me.”

“All of it! You have to follow the program, crunch the numbers and be WILLING & OPEN! This will make you successful in your journey; the education never stops. I love Summit salon education!”

“How valuable an organized motivated and consistent front desk is to a salon/spa; the importance of diligent hiring; how to conduct a tour; growing people not sales.”

DAY 1 MISSIONS: Salon Teams

  • Achieving Your Best:
    • Learn simple self-action steps for life and career to turn an ordinary day into your best day.
  • Make Their Day!
    • Learn the 5 key principles of a great first impression!
  • Understanding your Career Path:
    • Turn your passion into profit by following a proven career path.
  • Discovering Team Synergy:
    • Clearly understand each other’s role and responsibility in customer service and team growth.

DAY 2 MISSIONS: Salon Leaders Only

  • Level up Leadership:
    • Discover your individual purpose and role in leading your team.
  • Revenue through your Front Desk!
    • Learn how to implement a goal and reward system and track and celebrate their efforts.
  • Putting your Mission into Action!
    • Create both a short term and long term action plan to begin implementing your new strategies.

Front Desk and Team Synergy Resources:

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