Energize, Inspire… Lead

Human energy is one of the most valuable leadership assets of all—yet rarely are we taught how to make this to its true potential.

Facilitated by Glenn Baker

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What was your biggest takeaway from “Energize, Inspire… Lead”?

“The business is not something that the owner controls but something that the leaders guide- it is its own entity.”

“Coach the behavior not the person; listen with the intent of understanding, not answering; planning for a fulfilled life wheel is a great representation of overall picture.”

“PDM questions & coaching verbiage to encourage employees or team members to achieve their goals! Behavior determines willingness!”

“Teaching my staff to track their own numbers; the hiring work sheet; coaching new hires; phone interviewing.”

“Scripts… like, ‘Your behavior isn’t aligned with the person I see. I believe in you more than you believe in you. Until you believe in you, believe in me!'”



  • Develop the correct mindset and channel your energy and time.
  • Understand the needs of today’s ever-changing client.
  • Discover the top 5 keys to successful retail.
  • Define your role in coaching and mentoring your team.
  • Grow your color business.
  • Establish the healthy habits required for peak performance.


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