Social Media Training


When it comes to social media do you ever feel like…

  • You’re posting but no one is actually coming in
  • Even though you’re trying, your photos just aren’t as good as some of the other stylists that you see online
  • You used to be bringing in referrals before social media – but not anymore
  • Younger stylists are passing you by
  • The editing apps can be really confusing
  • You’re going to embarrass yourself

We understand – because we’ve helped countless stylists overcome these fears and challenges and make it to the other side!



• Meet new guests through social media

• Build your book with services you ACTUALLY LOVE doing on people who can’t wait to have them done

• Recapture lost guests

• Fill last minute openings


$200 for one hour
6 Pack for $1,000


The best part of this?
You get to work directly with YOUR favorite summit social media trainer!


Jennifer Boutwell | @jennifer_j_boutwell | Request

She has been in the professional beauty industry for 17 years and is the owner of Salon Sanity in Gretna, LA. She attributes her success to the Summit Salon Systems and has dedicated her career to sharing these systems with other salon company’s in the country.


Tim Fisk | @timfiskis | Request

Tim  brings over two decades of management consulting experience to his SSBC coaching. He began working in the salon industry in 2003. Tim’s specialty in financial operations, marketing and leadership development has allowed him to work in many industries, cross-sector in companies across the country. Tim is the Director of Finance and Operations for Take Industries, a media startup based in New England, as well as the owner of Salon Herdis – a Summit Salon and Day Spa located in Northampton, MA. 

CaylaRae Ledbetter | @caylarae_ | Request

CaylaRae serves SSBC as a Summit Salon Consultant, Certified Social Media Trainer and Certified Associate Trainer. She was a National Redken Artist for years and has worked at Summit Salon, Salon Disegno for over 9 years and is currently is a level 4A stylist. Her goal as a consultant is to use her wide range of expertise to increase productivity and efficiency of stylists and salon owners around the country.

Kim Light Pearson | @kimlightpearson | Request

Currently Kim leads 30+ service providers and support team members at a Summit Salon in Austin, Texas. The astounding success after implementing the Summit Salon Systems, inspired her to join SSBC as a consultant in 2016 to share her passion for growing people and helping salon companies and service providers achieve their dreams.