Social Media Consulting


  • Clarify your brand, values and strategy.
  • Create guidelines for your company and staff.
  • Build a ¬†system to post an entire week of content in 1 hour or less.
  • Implement a plan to inspire your team to post more.
  • Access our Secret Social Media Support page.
  • Grow referrals and new customers!

Do all of this in 1 hour a week!  

Social Media Specialty Visit Package:
1 Full day Social Media Set Up Day
Includes 3 Virtual follow meetings
$2,500 investment


“I’m worried that if I teach and encourage my team to use social media that I will be losing control of my team and my salon clients.”

Your service providers are going to use social media ANYWAY. Would you rather them do it behind your back? Or would you rather empower them with the strategy and skills to grow right along your company. As your service providers meet new clients and grow their business – the salon company business GROWS as well! Remember, it’s all about the triple win, what’s best for your team, your guests and your salon company. Social media has the power to influence all three!


If you’d like to speak with one of our social media experts, simply fill out the form below for your
Free 30 Minute Social Media Strategy Session

    It is recommended to do coaching sessions only with salon owners.