Thank you for your interest in the SCHOOL SUMMIT.

This program is no longer offered by Summit Salon Business Center. Please visit the seminars home page to view current training options INCLUDING the SCHOOL CONNECT program or call 1-800-718-5949 to inquire about a complimentary consultation with one of our dedicated school consultants!

-SSBC School Division



“We are committed to bring the best education possible to our students and the Summit systems are just that – The Best. Using the systems that SSBC teaches to professionals makes so much sense. Its like an athlete training to compete, they train and then they compete. Here our student train using the Summit systems and then they can hit the ground running in the greatest competition – The Real World!!”
– Michael Shea, Owner, Summit Salon Academy, Tacoma, WA

“We are in the business of growing people; and we can accomplish this task together with the Summit Salon Business Center. The partnership was paramount for our students, staff and the growth of our company, as our student count and revenue increased by 18% the first year. Together we teach our students to LIVE, LIFE, LEARN.”
–Joanne Powers, Owner, Summit Salon Academy, Tampa, FL