In today’s fast-paced salon industry one’s technical skills will only take a service provider so far. Partnering with Summit Salon Business Center’s Cosmetology School Consultants gives your instructors a plan to awaken and grow your student’s understanding of the additional skills necessary to achieve extraordinary income and happiness as a salon professional! READ MORE

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As the world’s largest salon and spa consulting company, Summit Salon Consulting Group’s knowledge base and resources are unmatched. With an unmatched record in successfully managing the growth of salons and spas, our Summit Salon Cosmetology SCHOOL consulting professionals provide maximum value and results due to our growth-focused practices, best-in-class expertise and world-class infrastructure – as well as a culture that places earning trust, delivering uncompromised guest stewardship, and building long-term relationships above all else.

  • Module 1 – Academy Role Delineation
  • Module 2 – Admissions Train the Trainer
  • Module 3 – Summit Systems Setup
  • Module 4 – Educators Train the Trainer
  • Module 5 – Summit Systems Launch
  • Module 6 – Academy Role Delineation, Part 2
  • Module 7 – Front Desk/Salon Area



When we first started our journey we knew we not only wanted our students to leave with the ability to work in their chosen profession but to be successful in their fields.  We started with another company but the idea of reaching goals was lacking.  When we brought on Summit Salon Consulting Group, they helped us to not only set goals but creative ways to achieve them. Since we have been working with our consultant we have not only grown in numbers, but  we are all working as a team because our path is clear. Most importantly we are able to get our students salon ready so they will be successful.  The Summit Salon System has been the missing piece to our puzzle. Our consultant will always be a part of our team.
–Pam Aker, Academy of Salon Professionals

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