Rising Above Life’s Challenges… Way Above!
Service Provider Profile by Sara Altizer


The Summit Salon Business Center, a company dedicated to improving the professional beauty industry, is in the business of growing people. Julie Rubino, a level 4 stylist at Shear Art Salon and Spa, in Tampa, Florida, happens to be one of these people. In her nearly eight years in the industry, Julie has been able to grow a stable and successful career, even while taking on all of life’s challenges.

Julie started at Shear Art Salon and Spa as support staff, working the front desk while she attended The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA). Julie was first introduced to the Summit Salon System at TSPA, where she graduated as a level 4. She received her cosmetology license in 2007 and became a part of the Summit Salon Associate Program shortly thereafter.


Julie Rubino

The Summit Salon System provided Julie’s dedicated and highly motivated spirit with the ability to fast track her success. “When I became a level 1, I worked my tail off to build my clientele, never saying no, coming in during “off” time for guests, trying to always make myself available,” explains Julie. “All the hard work paid off, and within ten months I was able to jump to a level 2. From there I vowed to never lose momentum and always look ahead towards my next goal—and I am now a level 4. Over the past six years life has happened—I lost my best friend, received a major medical diagnosis, got married and have had two children. But by using all that the Summit Salon System has to offer I have been able to ensure my success and keep on track.”

Julie attributes her success in the system to the clearly defined goals and tracking. “I really appreciate having set goals to reach for. It is like a dangling carrot because it takes my long-term goals and breaks them down into the every day, giving me the ability to focus on every guest every time.”

This mentality of making every guest count and planning ahead has enabled Julie to build on her success, even when changing from a full-time schedule to part time. “To make those twelve hours profitable, I pre-track my day to see how much money I am booked and where I can offer some add-ons,” Julie explains. “I check to make sure all of the guests I am seeing for the day already have their future appointments reserved and if they don’t, I reserve their next appointment first thing in the morning. I also stay on top of my schedule on my off days, checking for guest movement and announcing open spaces on social media so that when I am behind the chair I am completely booked. My income has actually increased since dropping down to part time. I also am selling even more retail through planning my days, and I recently hit the $1,000 club for the very first time.”

Experiencing this level of success in spite of the many obstacles that life has thrown her way is a testament to Julie’s perseverance and to the effectiveness of The Summit program. Facing these challenges head on and rising above them to become stronger has shaped Julie into the talented, hardworking stylist that she is today. As for her future plans, well, she is not slowing down anytime soon! Julie will be taking on an associate of her very own this year and has the goal of becoming a Shareholder at Shear Art Salon and Spa. “The Summit Salon System is definitely the secret to my success,” Julie says. “I look forward to what the future holds for me.”