The Stylist Triple Threat: Planning, Tracking, and Social Media Strategy

Profile by Sara Altizer

brandi150pxStylists enter the professional beauty industry in search of creative and artistic expression. Summit Salon Business Center’s foundational business strategies pair with creative passion to turn hairdressing into an incredibly rewarding career. Brandi Houin is a Level 4 stylist at Salon Sanity in New Orleans, Louisiana. Read on to discover how getting disciplined set her up for success and how her focus on social media marketing catapulted her demand of time to that next level.

Brandi’s journey into the professional beauty industry was complex, to say the least. She had been doing hair since she was sixteen, and started at John Jay beauty school in 2005. Ten weeks later, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and it was two years before she could get back to school and continue her education. In March 2009, Brandi was licensed and in 2010 she started with Salon Sanity, where she was introduced to the Summit Salon Systems.

The Summit Salon Systems are founded on the principle, “What you are aware of you can control, what you are not aware of controls you.” Daily planning and tracking sets stylists up for success with each and every guest, allowing the stylist to plan ahead for add-on services and retail offerings. At first, the structure and accountability of the Summit Salon Systems can be challenging. “I struggled with consistently keeping up with planning and tracking in the Summit Salon Planner,” Brandi admits. “It is hard to not get frustrated when you do not reach your numbers right away. And it took time for me to adjust to the different scripts for approaching additional services and retail. Eventually, I realized that I could use that frustration as motivation to push myself to better my best every day with every guest.”

Social Media became the foundation of Brandi’s growth. “I recognized that clients will not just fall into my lap, although we all wish it were that easy!” Brandi explains. “I started promoting myself on Facebook consistently by making promotional events for myself and inviting all of my friends. When I would post pictures of my work and people would comment, I would message them a photo of a $25 gift certificate referral card and say, ‘I noticed you liked Jennifer’s hair. I would like to extend an invitation for you to come in and use this gift certificate towards ANY service with me. I look forward to seeing you soon!’ And it worked so well!

This proactive attitude brought in great results. Brandi was able to jump 7 levels in 5 years and grow her annual salary by at least $5,000 every year. “When I first started cosmetology school, I never considered all of the opportunities that I might have,” Brandi says. “Now, I cannot see myself working at any other salon and being this proud of my coworkers. We are all family.”

“My advice to stylists just starting out is to have real income expectations,” Brandi explains. “A stylist cannot start at a salon and earn $50,000 right away. You must invest time into learning how to retain clients, properly consult, and build your business knowledge. You cannot grow if you are stuck in old ways that are not working! Be patient and always take advice from veteran stylists; you never know what you may learn that you didn’t know already.”

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