Salon Owners: Amy & Alfredo Lamparelli
Salon Manager: Ellen Donovan
Salon Sq Ft: 4,200
Number of Chairs: 19
Front Desk Workshop: Profit Power and Live Action Day

RTS %:  +18%
Prebook %:  +72%
Average Additional Services/Month for Front Desk Team (Total): +$13,000.00 (includes add-ons for future dates not yet realized.)
Loyalty Membership sales are up +60%

Salon Bogar

Amy and Alfredo Lamparelli opened Salon Bogar in Londonderry, NH in 1990. They are passionate about embracing new business ideas and keeping the direction of Salon Bogar and its team members ahead of the curve, with a focus of always finding ways to create a memorable experience for the Salon Bogar guests.

At Salon Bogar the goal is to give salon guests the best salon experience. Amy and Alfredo attended Summit Salon Business Centers 3.5 day leadership bootcamp, The Summit, in Lynnfield, MA. This is where they realized how much the FRONT DESK plays in the overall guest experience. During The Summit, they heard about Profit Power and Live Action Day with the Front Desk Division. They brought their vision back to Salon Manager, Ellen Donovan, and as a team they decided this would be a great fit.

“We really wanted to bring our Guest Services to the next level,” Ellen explains, “this made sense to support the service providers with the Summit Salon Systems. We had good customer service but not a lot of consistency in our systems. It felt like we were always working against each other. Our front desk was basically acting as reception instead of as guest care.”


Profit Power and Live Action Day

Rose Coitrone is a Certified Front Desk Trainer. She works full-time as a Salon Manager at a Summit Salon in Massachusetts. With 8 years of Front Desk experience and 7 years as a Salon/Spa Manager, she is excited to share her experience of implementing and introducing the Summit Salon Systems to other salon companies.

Rose came in to Salon Bogar to meet with the front desk team for the Profit Power and Live Action Day Workshop.
Profit Power is about utilizing your front desk to achieve your salons full revenue potential. This workshop specifically focuses on turning the front desk into a profit center by enhancing the salon’s current customer service systems, focusing on upgrading and gaining consistency with scripts, and implementing goals, rewards, and tracking at the front desk. This is done by covering the main revenue generators: Front Desk Profit Power

  • Additional Services
  • Retail Sales
  • Gift Card Sales
  • Rebooking
  • Referrals

The Live Action Training Day takes those concepts from Day 1 and puts them into action through rehearsal on Day 2!



“After our workshop, our customer service went from good to GREAT!” Ellen says, “With everyone working the systems with much more of a focus on sales/upselling and retail. Our front desk team really started understanding that they are there to SUPPORT the service providers and to give the guest the best experience.

For us it was really just polishing what we were already doing but TRACKING the add-ons and goaling on that has made a great change for us. As a result our add-ons have dramatically increased and retail sales are up!”

On a personal level, Ellen’s leadership skills were very different following the workshop. The tracking and scripts allowed her to take more ownership over the front desk and simply meet with them to coach to those goals and numbers that are now in place.

“Rose was a pleasure to work with,” Ellen explains. “She was very enthusiastic with the staff and very approachable with any needs/questions. It was inspiring to have someone who is so passionate about what they do. I would definitely recommend this workshop especially to anyone implementing the Summit Salon Systems. It’s a great way to polish your front desk and to also have that area be focused and profitable.”


If you’re interested in bringing Profit Power to YOUR salon company, call 1-800-718-5949 to get started!


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