Additional Services and Your Front Desk

 Profile by Sara Ren Altizer

Quick Stats:

Open for: 7 years

Workshop: Front Desk Profit Power

Front Desk Consultant: Jules Molina

Results: Additional Services +135%

Favorite SSBC Product:

Salon 327 is located in Oak Ridge, Tenessee and has been in business for seven years. Owners Michael Wilson and Debra Haynes joined the Summit family after attending the four-day leadership training event, The Summit, and working with a Summit Salon Consultant. As Salon 327 grew, Michael and Debra wanted to experience the same growth at their front desk that they were seeing in other areas of their salon company.

Debra identified the two main issues with her front desk:

  1. “Our front desk was not following through.” Debra explains, “The team knew what they were supposed to do, but did not believe the goals were reasonable for them.”
  2. “Our service providers were not working together with our front desk team. They would have an attitude with the front desk team when told that they needed to use ‘travelers.’ The service providers felt travelers were not important and also did not trust the front desk to rebook guests which brought a lot of tension to the front desk area.”

To find solutions for these issues, Debra and Michael decided to bring in Jules Molina for the Front Desk Profit Power workshop with hopes of turning their front desk into the profit center it was meant to be.

“We are big fans of The Anatomy of a Great Front Desk, and use it in our training,” Debra says. “The workshop really brought that product to life and made us way more committed to the follow through. We had struggled with additional service offerings for more than two years and with two different front desk people. The workshop helped our front desk get more ‘Yes’ answers to service offerings. Our team of service providers could see the Front Desk mission play out and it brought a new level of confidence. The front desk could see that what the leadership team was expecting of them was achievable.”

To improve synergy, Jules Molina recommended the front desk team speak at the next staff meeting and share their new found passion and knowledge with the whole team. The service providers committed to using the proper communication tools- travelers- and they even created code words so that the guests would have a great experience. For example, “Are we good here?” means, “Please leave and let me do my job.” The front desk team took ownership and helped the whole salon company see the “why.”

Prior to the class, Salon 327’s highest additional services for the whole front desk combined totaled $804. The second highest total was $435. After the workshop the amount of additional services more than doubled to $1,902, pre-books have increased, and the front desk team is talking more about retail.  

“I have to tell you,” Debra explains, “It is only the ninth day into the month of November and our lead front desk team member has gotten half of what she needs to reach her goals for the month. Now that we have consistent systems at the front desk, everyone in the salon is working together towards the same goals now. It has added so much value to the front desk team and has made their job more fun, challenging, and rewarding.


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