Randolph’s Salon
Scott and Mary Randolph
# of locations: 3
Employees: 80

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As Scott and Mary Randolph were opening the second location of Randolph’s Salon, they knew that they would need more systems to continue their success. That’s when they turned to Summit Salon Business Center. Since then, they have opened a third location, employ a team of 80 and have been nationally recognized by Redken and Salon Today.



The professional beauty industry, quite literally, brought Scott and Mary together. They met when Mary was an established stylist and Scott was working as an assistant. After he completed his Cosmetology schooling, they were married. They saw owning a business together as a natural progression of their marriage and decided to purchase an existing salon company that was failing. It was 1,200 sq. ft. with seven stations.

Mary explains, “We began with a small team and we were committed to making it work, meaning long hours and wearing lots of different hats. While opening our own salon seemed like a natural progression for us as a married couple, it quickly became apparent that our inspiration was watching, sharing in, and being a part of the growth of our team.”



Their passion and knowledge inspired a lot of growth within Randolph’s and, before they knew it, they were ready to grow into a second location. It was at this point that they felt excited and proud of their team but not completely prepared to handle everything that comes with big growth. Mary says, “Our biggest challenge was that we were growing our salon company on our intuition instead of proven systems.  We needed a guideline and I felt overwhelmed, exhausted & reactive…yet amazingly proud of our team. We struggled to be the leaders they needed us to be and we talked more than we listened and told instead of taught.”

They realized that they did not have all the answers – and looked into attending The Summit. The Summit was created for salon companies at all stages of growth. Randolph’s Salon was profitable but looking for ways to take that next step in their business. Mary explains, “While we weren’t struggling, we knew there was more so our defining moment was when we realized that the Summit Salon Systems would provide a path and structure for the next level of growth that we had always wanted to achieve.” Mary and Scott were familiar with and had attended classes with Michael Cole and were excited to learn that he was an integral part of Summit Salon Business Center. They felt ready to dive head first into salon business education.

During The Summit, they recognized that their three biggest opportunities were:

  1. How to grow the salon company with a cohesive plan.
  2. How to encourage the growth of each stylist.
  3. How to efficiently train new team members and set them up for success.



Implementing the Summit Salon Systems is an exciting and challenging moment for all salon companies. While at first it was uncomfortable for the Randolph’s salon team, as time went by the team appreciated the structure and guidance that it provided for their growth. Mary explains, “If you were to ask Scott or I what we do, without a doubt we would say ‘we grow people for a living.’  Our greatest accomplishment is to see our team succeed.  The Summit Salon Systems are a guide and system for any salon to follow who is looking for growth.”

The three initiatives in the Summit Salon Systems that made the biggest difference in Randolph’s Salon are:

  1. Having structured templates that allowed us to coach and guide with data versus intuition.
    • The Summit Salon Systems include a career path built on performance based compensation. This path is numbers driven and empowers the service providers to understand how and when they earn a promotion.
  2. Holding monthly personal development meetings (PDM’s).
    • Before implementing the Summit Salon Systems, Mary and Scott only connected with the stylists on a superficial level or if there was a problem.
  3. Implementing The Associate Program.
    • Before implementing the Summit Salon Systems, Mary and Scott had no program for teaching our new talent.  Now, 95% of the new stylists are graduates from Randolph’s Associate Program.


Thirty four years later, Randolph’s Salon is now ran by a full team of Directors! Mary explains, “Our operations director oversees the daily general flow of all locations. Individual locations have 2 directors, a guest service lead and a high level stylist.  By using the Summit Salon Systems, our salon directors are empowered to ‘speak the Summit language’ with all of our stylists.  This has allowed them to flourish as they coach, mentor and guide our team using an organized system that Summit provides.” Each Director is rewarded for maintaining an average of 10% overall salon company growth.

PHOTO with caption: Randolph’s Salon Directors (Back Row, left to right: Gina Morey, Sue VonBrockdorff, Lori Williams, Scott Randolph, Alowan Wilson, Frances Smith, Jillian Johns Front Row, left to right: Austin Randolph, Mary Randolph, Lucas Randolph)

Mary and Scott have continued to take more Summit Salon Business Center classes. They now own three locations and have eighty employees. All employees are required to live within the guidelines of being a team player, education focused, career minded, and a nice person. Mary and Scott’s two sons are currently attending Wayne State University as full time business students with the hope of continuing the Randolph’s Salon legacy for future generations to come.