When you Connect, you Grow




Quick Stats

Kate Gonzalez
Hedkandi Hotel Arts
Stylist: 5 years
Level: 3
Retail/Guest: $13.65
Re-book %: 70%
Average Service Ticket/Client: $133.60





Kate Gonzalez grew up with all boys in her household. Her childhood was full of catching tadpoles, snakes and constant wrestling. As a teenager she became passionate about self expression and creatively dressing and styling her hair. She drew inspiration from her mom’s hairdresser and began to daydream about what her future career could be. “My moms’ hairstylist worked out of her home and my mom would take me with her when I was little.” Kate explains, “I was obsessed with her massive hair. My mom would tell me that I could do what she did one day, and now I get to do just that.”

Kate has been working in salons for nine years at the front desk and assisting, and has been a stylist full time behind the chair for five years. She explains, “Hedkani Hotel Arts has built a perfect home for me to practice my craft. Every day I am surrounded by friends that inspire me and have helped pull me up and build my confidence as a hair stylist.”



The Summit Salon Systems provide a clear career path for service providers to find true success behind the chair. The systems break down the four key performance indicators which assists service providers in building a clientele quicker and better. By building the demand of time, the service providers have the opportunity to earn promotions and grow throughout their career.

Kate first heard about the Summit Salon Systems when she started working at Hedkandi Hotel Arts. “I find that the Summit Salon Systems hold me more accountable.” Kate says, “I have a mental checklist that I go through with every client, new or repeat. I feel it makes each visit consistent and I feel like each client gets the most out of their appointment.”

  1. The goals give me something to show at the end of everyday. They keep me on track and consistent with every client.
  2. Our monthly one on one meetings with my managers. I like being able to meet every month and reconnect with my managers to make goals for my next month.
  3. I have found that since using the Summit Salon Systems I am more time conscientious throughout my day.



Kate struggled with her confidence in those first few years working behind the chair. She explains, “There are so many amazing stylists out there and it can be very intimidating to have people trusting you with their vision. I discovered that the secret to becoming more confident was in finding my own voice.”

“When people sit in your chair, they trust you and want to build a relationship with you.” Kate explains, “People like to feel connected to their stylist. I find that I can create a better suited style for my clients when I get to really know their life and personality. It also helps to build trust when you are both learning about each other.”

This same theory applies to Social Media. “At first I struggled with Social Media because it felt very hard to connect. I find that adding personal touches and stories helps to connect with my current clients. By being genuine, I have been able to bring in referrals. I think people like to see your personality and get to know you.”

On top of building her confidence, Kate has discovered that planning and tracking using the Summit Salon Stylist Planner has made all of the difference. She is able to refer back to the book at the beginning and end of every day and is able to break down and see what goals she needs to do that day. She finds it rewarding to see it all come together at the end of every month.

Since working with the Summit Salon Systems Kates yearly income has increased by $50,000/year. She has been able to generate $13,400 in service sales in one month all while working 32 hours a week.



Average Retail $/Client

Kate: $13.65/client
Kate’s Retail Tips: EDUCATE instead of SELL

“I find I get the best retail results when I start educating the client of retail right away in the consultation.” Kate explains, “I started noticing that a lot of people have never been taught what products work best for them. If someone is going to actually continue to use a product at home they need to understand why they are using it. Once the education is there, I found that I do not even need to try to sell products to my clients.”


Pre-book Percentage

Kate: 70%
Kate’s Pre-book Tips: Create a Future Vision for your Guest

“I like to start talking about re-booking before my client has left my chair. Usually we have a hair plan set in place at this point, made during the consultation, so my clients are already thinking about their next visit.”


Average Service $/Client

Kate: $133.60/client
Kate’s Tip: Additional Service Offerings!

“My favorite additional service is a tie between a toner/color glaze or a conditioning treatment.