Dreaming Big + Remaining Committed = 4 Locations and 90+ Employees!


by Sara Altizer

Entrepreneurs like adventure. By nature they tend to be quick learners and effective implementers. They are confident, ambitious, and have a strong desire to do something meaningful that will leave a legacy. Summit Salon Business Center offers business strategies that complement these traits, empowering salon owners to grow their salon company beyond their wildest dreams. The reward does not come from a short-term vision, but from a long-term action plan. It takes humility to ask for help in the first place, but it takes profound wisdom to continue seeking guidance even when your business is running smoothly.

jereme.250pxJereme Bokitch, the owner of Hedkandi & Butter Beauty Parlour in Calgary, AB Canada is a perfect example of what can happen when you dream big and remain committed to the process. In 2005, Hedkandi experienced a 50 percent growth rate in its first year as a Summit Salon. In the past ten years, Hedkandi has grown to four locations with more than ninety employees, some of whom are earning more than $100,000 per year. Here is the story of how by building a relationship with Summit Salon Consultant Michael Nikolas, Jereme formed the salon business strategy for success and of how Hedkandi continues to take that success to the next level.


Jereme recognized early in his career that he was not likely to be satisfied by the salon status quo. He knew that he would be able to provide a better and more enjoyable work environment for him and his friends, so he set out to open the first Hedkandi.

“We were fortunate to have a great team that was focused on education and customer experience but we were lacking in the business structure,” Jereme explains. “I was more of a friend than a leader, and after awhile it felt like the business was happening to me instead of me making the business happen.”

“Our main struggles came with having a structure and foundation for the company,” Jereme says. “We lacked consistency and a clear definition when it came to money management, setting goals, structure for one-on-ones and staff meetings, pricing, career path, hiring, training programs, and growing apprentices into successful stylists. I was emotionally running my company and it was when I opened my second location without having a real budget that I realized that I needed someone who understood the professional beauty industry to help me.”

“Mike McMahon, the owner of Summit Salon Services in Calgary, Canada introduced me to Summit Salon Business Center and when I attended The Summit, I realized how much opportunity we had for growth,” Jereme explains. “Also, knowing that we would have a coach to help us navigate through implementing the systems and growing the business was huge. I had already tried to do it on my own, and knowing that I wasn’t going to be alone in it anymore was very comforting and hopeful for me.”

The Consultant Advantage

“Once the systems were established I was pleased to see that the positive culture we had before stayed the same, but was now more defined,” Jereme explains. “Stylists were now able to make more money and work fewer hours, which created a strong work-life balance and high employee retention.”

Summit Salon Consultant Michael Nikolas guided me through establishing budget guidelines, an associate program, and a career path for stylists,” Jereme explains. “On a personal level, he taught me how to take myself more seriously and trust in having a long, successful career through growth and education.”

Michael Nikolas has more than thirty years of experience in the professional beauty industry. He has been a stylist, salon owner, beauty school educator, and district manager for several salons throughout his career. He has owned his salon company for fifteen years and is passionate about sharing the Summit Salon Systems with salon owners across North America. He thrives on building deep relationships with salon owners so that he can support them through achieving not only success in their business, but in their personal life as well.

“Michael Nikolas is one of the smartest, most caring people I know,” Jereme says. “He has never lead me wrong and I have blind faith in the direction he is leading our team. Because of this trust, I’ve continued working with him for eight years. He has given me and our team a road map for success. He is like my boss, my sounding board, and someone I look to for advice and guidance in many aspects of my life.”

“We have very little turn over and a lot of our stylists earn a really great living,” Jereme explains. “We are more focused on guest retention and guest satisfaction, which is helping our overall business grow. And as it grows bigger, I realize there is still so much I do not know about this business. I love learning and feel once you get to this level you need a different kind of education and consulting. The biggest, most successful businesses have coaches. I think if our industry subscribed to the same thought process we would be looked at differently.”

To other salon owners, Jereme offers this advice: “You should definitely go and get a great consultant and keep them around way past the point when you need them.”


  • Total Annual Sales: 1.1 million
  • Average Retail/month: $13,333
  • Average Services/month: $78,333

One year after Summit Launch

  • Total Annual Sales: $1,650,000
  • Average Retail/month: $20,625
  • Average Services/month: $116,875

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Hedkandi Salon’s Summit Salon Consultant is Michael Nikolas.

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