One Year after Implementing the Summit Systems (2017):
Total Annual Service Sales: 333%+

Two Years after Implementing the Summit Systems (2018):
Total Annual Service Sales: 186%+



There is nothing quite like the vibrant, contagious energy of a great salon company. Between the positive camaraderie among stylists and the radiating glow of guests, it becomes the destination of the community. Jessica Bonner experienced this glow first hand as she was working her way through nursing school at the Front Desk of a bustling salon company in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was so inspired by the environment and passion that she decided to drop out of college and pursue a career in the professional beauty industry – and she loved every minute of it.


After nineteen years, life took her to a Fairhope, Alabama where she had to start over. Despite trying desperately to find a new, positive salon family – she realized that this kind of culture was rare to find and she embarked on trying to recreate it for herself and her new community. All that she knew was that Summit Salon Business Center had a big impact on her previous salon company – and so that’s exactly where she started.

“I was a successful stylist but had no clue about running a business,” Jessica explains. “ColoréVous Salon Co. was born but I knew I needed serious help to be a successful salon owner. I knew where I wanted to go with my vision, but didn’t have the knowledge to get me there.  I attended The Summit prior to having any employees, a location or even a business license. I knew that I could trust the Summit Systems because I had seen them work firsthand.”


Jessica knew that what she was about to do was big and there was no turning back.


“The first day of The Summit I felt scared and alone.” Jessica says, “I was extremely emotional because it felt like a spiritual experience for me.  I knew I had found exactly what I needed to see my dreams come true and by the last day I felt encouraged and inspired. I was surrounded by people who believed in me and I was confident that they would not let me fail.  They truly gave me the support I needed to believe in myself.”

When my friend & beauty supplier Blake Kennedy asked me if I was ready to jump.  He asked me a second time in the same conversation, “Are u ready to jump???  Are you sure you’re ready???”  I said, “YES!!!  I’m ready to jump!”  It was like “Show me the money” from Jerry McGuire.  I can still remember it clear as day!

– Jessica


Jessica’s Summit Salon Consultant, Jennifer Boutwell, came to her salon company just a week after The Summit. They got to work on implementing Module 1 and laying the foundation to grow the company. Jessica explains, “I was blessed in a sense that I did not have to go backwards and clean up a huge mess which I believe is inevitable if you do it without help.”

The hard work on the front end, paid off. Jennifer and Jessica created an onboarding and recruiting strategy utilizing the Summit Salon Associate Program. Colorevous now has a team of five. An Associate, Level 1, Level 2, Front Desk Guest Expert and her.


“It’s unbelievable.  I still have to pinch myself sometimes!”


“Jennifer Boutwell is my go to for everything!” Jessica says, “She empowers me with the knowledge I need to take myself & my team to the next level.  She is always there for us.  My team trusts the systems and has the utmost respect for her.  I know that if we follow her lead our company will continue to grow and to that I give her & Summit the credit.  It’s not always easy, but hard work pays off!”

The community has noticed the difference and ColoréVous Salon Co. was able to achieve a quarter million dollars in sales in 2018. They also received a Glammy Award from ACCESS magazine and press in the local paper. They hope to be featured in the Salon Today Top 200 in 2019.

If you are considering attending The Summit – here is Jessicas advice for you…

It is more complicated than you think.  Being a successful stylist is completely different than owning a successful salon company. Don’t waste another day without it!  They’ve done all the research! You don’t have to try to recreate the wheel.  The systems work!  I’m living proof!


Salon Owner : Jessica Bonner
Opened in : 2017
Total Sq. Ft. : 1100
Summit Salon Consultant : Jennifer Boutwell

Jessicas Three Favorite Summit Salon Resources

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Jessicas Three Favorite Summit Salon Initiatives

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