Trust The System

Quick Stats:


Salon Company: Shareholder and Artistic Director, Chemistry Hair Salon

Level: 4AA
Associate: 2 Associates
Professional Achievements: Pureology Artist, Redken Certified Designer, Redken Certified Hair Colorist
2018 Est. Salary: $115,000

Favorite Products:

Summit Salon Stylist Planner
Summit Salon Associate Program


Traditionally, the career path of someone earning over $100,000 a year consists of sixty-hour work weeks with no time for a personal life. But, with the help of Summit Salon Business Center, this doesn’t have to be the case. Hallie McHalffey has been able to earn more than $100,000 a year working thirty-two hours per week. As a single mom, this schedule and income provide her the freedom to be a sole provider and a very present part of her child’s life.

Hallie’s natural talent for hairdressing emerged when she joined the Phi Mu sorority at LSU in 2005. With a busy social calendar, Hallie was always styling her own hair in new ways. Her fashionable and beautiful up-styles attracted the attention of her peers, and before she knew it, she was styling not only her hair but her friends’ hair as well. With an increased interest in the creative and social opportunities in the professional beauty industry, Hallie decided to take the money set aside for college and use it to attend cosmetology school instead.

Chemistry Hair Salon

Hallie became a part of the Chemistry Hair Salon team, in Shreveport, Louisiana, right when they were implementing the Summit Salon Systems. “Owner Bryan Sullivan actually hired me on his way back from attending The Summit in Tampa, Florida,” Hallie explains. “He said he had four chairs and four stylists with one apprentice, but agreed to take me on as the first Associate Stylist.”

In her first six years at Chemistry, Hallie witnessed big changes, both at the salon and in her personal life. The salon enjoyed phenomenal growth, expanding from four stylists and four chairs to fifteen stylists and six chairs. At the same time, Hallie experienced big changes at home.

“In my six years of being a stylist,” Hallie says, “I have gone from living with my parents, working two jobs while trying to dig my way out of massive amounts of debt, to having a savings account (with money in it), starting a college fund for my child, becoming Redken Design and Color Certified, applying to be a Pure Artist, and getting promoted to a shareholder.”

“In my wildest dreams I would not have believed you if you would have told me all these things would happen in this time period,” Hallie explains. “I know without a doubt that had I not been in a Summit Salon, I would not have grown so quickly with the confidence and guidance I needed.”

Help from Summit Salon Systems

“Trusting the system is vital,” Hallie explains. “All of the answers are there. If I cannot reach a goal and I get down on myself I just have to remember to go back to the basics and everything will work out in time. The Summit Salon Planner has been key in keeping me set up for success. My daily goals and offerings are ready to go every morning to help me start my conversations with clients. It shows me clearly what I need to work on every month and, in our monthly one-on-ones, Bryan helps me come up with even better plans as to how to tackle my problem areas. I love setting and meeting goals.”

Hallie is passionate about inspiring others in the industry to reach the heights that she has experienced. “Stick with it,” Hallie says. “Put the hours in while you are new and IT WILL pay off. It’s not always easy, but it is so worth it. Most people cannot say they make over $100,000 and only work 32 hours a week. This is possible and we get to make people feel good about themselves while we do it! Remember to keep learning. We are in an ever-changing industry, plus, our education is FUN! Who does not like keeping up with trends and getting together with a few hundred other people that are all interested in the same thing as you!”

The Future

In the next five years, Hallie hopes to be running two Chemistry Hair Salon locations, growing stylists in the Summit Salon Associate Program, and teaching as a Pure Artist with Pureology. The truth is, if she was able to accomplish this much in six years, then the sky is the limit.

2018 Update: Not only was Hallie able to accomplish becoming a Pure Artist with Pureology, she also has since become a Shareholder and Artistic Director for Chemistry Hair Salon. She now works with two associates and manages weekly in-salon classes for the Levels 1-3 and the Front Desk.


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