Chemistry Hair Salon


Owner: Bryan Sullivan
Number of chairs: 12
Workshop: Front Desk Profit Power Workshop
Front Desk Trainer: Jules Molina


RTS%: Increased by +3% points!
PREBOOK: Increased by +2% points!
Average additional services month for front desk team: +$392/month over 2016
Gift Card Sales: + 54%

Favorite Products

Summit Salon Front Desk Tracking System

It’s not only a tracking system; it’s a daily PLANNER for your front desk team! The entire front desk team tracks their individual efforts on ONE PAGE each day. Fast, easy, and efficient! Kristi Valenzuela gives a step-by-step video tutorial on exactly how to fill out each area of all three documents.


Chemistry Hair Salon is a Salon Today top 200 Summit Salon in Shreveport, LA. Bryan Sullivan has witnessed the success that comes with following the Summit Salon Systems and heard about the Front Desk Profit Power Workshop through his Summit Salon Consultant, Deb McMahan.

“The main reasons that I wanted a customized workshop for my salon company,” Bryan explains, “was that I needed to create a standard of practice at the front desk, establish a system that consistently gives exceptional guest experience, and grow sales of retail and add-ons to reach salon goals.”

As a successful salon company, it would be easy to assume that Chemistry Hair Salon has it all figured out. But prior to taking Profit Power there was little follow through. For example, offering additional services to guests booking appointments had been established as a role of the front desk but had never become a true part of their regular practice. Also, the service providers and guests also had low expectations of the front desk team based on previous experience- resulting in an “us” vs “them” mentality.

Jules Molina came to Chemistry Hair Salon for the LIVE action training Profit Power Workshop. This workshop specifically focuses on turning the front desk into a profit center by enhancing the salon’s current customer service systems by focusing on upgrading and gaining consistency with scripts, as well as implementing goals, rewards, and tracking at the front desk.

“Julie Molina instantly embraced us in her care and lead us into some challenging places.” Bryan explains, “She shared some common salon front desk challenges and helped us discover our personal solutions. Her energy is infectious and generously shared. Julie makes great customer services look and feel easy and fun.”

This guided workshop has been known to build synergy between the front desk team and service providers as well as increase retail, add-on services and pre-booking rates. This is exactly the kind of results that Bryan and his team experienced. In the very first month following the workshop, the salon team met retail and pre-book goals and continues to do so. The team has been doing so well that Bryan has decided to raise the goals soon!

“We are now more of a team than ever before!” Bryan says,  “The service providers appreciate the work of the front desk and are directly benefiting from the increased retail sales, pre-booking and add on services. It is literally money in their pockets. Our front desk team always referred to and thought of themselves as RECEPTIONISTS that answer the phones, greet guests and manage traffic flow. They are now Guest Service Experts who get the connection between offering services and retail to enhance the customer service experience.”

The service providers and front desk team were not the only ones to walk away with insights into ways to better impact the salon company. Bryan explains that, “My leadership skills improved after the workshop because now I am sensitive to gauging the level of receptiveness of the individual Guest Service Expert before engaging in coaching and training. We implemented the daily, weekly and monthly tracking sheets and front desk binder. These resources make it easy to praise their efforts and easy to talk about areas that need directed energy. We have three Guest Service Experts that work a morning, midday and evening shift. We now assign an anchor and a floater. The anchor manages the desk, phones, check ins, check outs, text messages.”



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