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In the broad scope of a lifetime, eight years can seem like a drop in the bucket. But in the professional beauty industry, eight years can completely change the course of your life. Aubre Bauer picked up a part-time job as a front desk coordinator for Chemistry Hair Salon to earn extra income while she was a college student. Little did she know that this would be the beginning of a career. With Summit Salon Business Center as her foundation, Aubre went from earning $20,000 to more than $100,000 annually, all while opening doors to achieve a future of unimagined success. Here is her story.

Chemistry Hair Salon

For the past eight years, Aubre Bauer has worked at Chemistry Hair Salon. Although Aubre started as a front desk coordinator, with the guidance of salon owner, Bryan Sullivan, she enrolled in the associate program and has been behind the chair independently for six years.

“I fell in love with the culture of the salon industry when I began working Saturdays at the front desk,” Aubre explains. “That Saturday-only position turned into a part-time job, and it was then that I realized I never wanted to leave. Knowing I didn’t want to be a career receptionist, Bryan offered me the amazing gift of a career when he took me on as his apprentice. As a college student, I had always worked in the service industry. I believe this shaped me for my career in the professional beauty industry.”

“In 2010, we attended The Summit for the first time, in Tampa,” Aubre says. “It was a whirlwind of information and numbers! Trusting the system was the most important thing and taking it one day at a time was our plan—the Summit Salon Systems had an answer to every question that could arise. This made the implementation of the systems so much easier.”

Aubre’s most valuable take away from the Summit Salon System has been the Scripts and the Summit Salon Stylist Planner. “The verbiage I have learned has helped me tremendously when it comes to adding on services and closing the retail sales,” Aubre explains. “They have become a natural and sincere way to provide my guests with the services they need to create the desired look and have the retail products they need to recreate their style at home. The Summit Stylist Planner allowed me to hit goals I never believed I could, just by setting up my day. I have watched my numbers increase just by tracking.”

As Aubre continued to grow and level jump, she came to the point where she needed an associate behind the chair. Summit Salon Business Center’s Associate Program was available to teach her what she needed to know to continue to grow her booming business. “The Summit Salon Associate Program has changed the way that I operate in the salon. I cannot do my job without it. I will say it was a scary start, because I am a control freak and letting go was difficult, but when you trust the system you see the benefit almost immediately. I now operate as a Level 4 with two associates and it has taken my income to another level. I am growing successful licensed stylists while working smarter, not harder.”

In eight years, Aubre has increased her income by $80,000. If a stylist is willing to follow the goals, the amount one can earn is astonishing. In addition to the tools and resources available, the experience of working with a Summit Salon Consultant is the icing on the cake. Aubre’s consultant, Deb McMahan, is there every step of the way to assist the salon owner and the stylists as they navigate the Level system within the salon company.

“As I look back at my beginning years at Chemistry Hair Salon, I feel so proud of the career I have built as a hairdresser,” Aubre explains. “My parents never supported my decision to become a part of this industry, but I have showed them that I have a career so successful that I am able to support myself in a way I only once dreamed of, all while getting to utilize my creativity every day.”

Aubre’s youngest sister, Olivia, was her very first associate and is now a Level 1 stylist. Olivia was able to make her commission goals in her second week on the floor, a salon record. “My 21-year-old sister is a constant reminder of the opportunity I have with the tools of Summit. I feel so fortunate to inspire and encourage the next generation of rock star hairstylists.”

Aubre is now taking her passion for the industry to the next level, and has become a Redken Artist. Her next five years are full of dreams that she knows are within her reach. “I just finished my last phase of the Redken Artist training. I will soon be traveling to facilitate educational classes for Redken in addition to my hours in the salon with my clients. In the future I hope to be working for a bigger part of Redken, perhaps even platform education!”

Favorite SSBC Products: Summit Salon Stylist Planner, Summit Salon Associate Program

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