A woman of ACTION!
Service Provider Profile by Sara Altizer

Early on in their career, stylists experience a lot of growth. It’s motivating when the number of clientele is growing, salary is increasing, and each year is better than the one before. After awhile, though, the growth slows. Stylists are fully booked, having developed a loyal following that provides a consistent income—it is a very comfortable place to be. It is at this point that stylists tend to lose motivation and awareness and begin to see a plateau or drop in their income and clientele. Jen Janovyak, a stylist at Bliss Hair Studio in Shorewood, Illinois found herself in this very situation. With the help of Summit Salon Business Center, however, and the clear and defined levels and goals of the Summit Salon System, she was able to recognize her potential and renew her enthusiasm for the professional beauty industry.

Jen is incredibly goal oriented and focused. The Summit Salon Systems really enhance these strengths, with standards at every level that serve as motivation for add-ons, referrals, guest count, and retail. With a detailed and outlined path to success provided through the Level System, Jen is able to set higher goals and, with access to the necessary tools and know-how, go after them. “It feels good to take my career steps further than I ever thought I could take it!” Jen explains.

“The Summit Salon Stylist Planner allows me to set daily goals and track my numbers by day, week, and month.” Jen says. “This keeps me motivated in all areas, from making sure I am handing out referral cards to making the offerings of additional services when I have time, there are goals in place for every area. I have a boss who really wants me to succeed and wants to help me work towards my goals. The monthly one-on-ones hold me accountable to the goals that I set for myself and make me feel supported.”

“Now that I am aware of my numbers, and what my goals are, I have taken action to reach them.” Jen explains. “I had an established clientele before using the Summit Salon Systems, but after only one year I saw a 14 percent increase in service sales and a 22 percent increase in retail sales. Seeing this kind of result so quickly motivates me to keep pushing myself for the future. In the next five years I would like to continue growing behind the chair and also work my way up in my salon.”

After ten years in the industry, Jen’s career is stronger than ever with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, thanks in large part to the Summit Salon Systems. Isn’t it time you gave Summit Salon Systems a try? Click to view upcoming events on our calendar page.

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