ColoréVous Salon Co.

COLORÉVOUS SALON CO. QUANTITATIVE DATA: One Year after Implementing the Summit Systems (2017): Total Annual Service Sales: 333%+ Two Years after Implementing the Summit Systems (2018): Total Annual Service Sales: 186%+   THE BEGINNING There is nothing quite like the vibrant, contagious energy of a great salon company. Between the positive camaraderie among stylists and… Read more »

Aella Salon & Day Spa

Aella Salon & Day Spa Salon ownership fell into place for Aella Salon & Day Spa owners Rich and Retta Houk in Meadville, PA. As ambitious and capable individuals they believed that they had the knowledge and most importantly the drive to make a salon company successful. As Aella grew, so did the complications and… Read more »

Randolph’s Salon

Randolph’s Salon Owners: Scott and Mary Randolph # of locations: 3 Employees: 80 Favorite Products   As Scott and Mary Randolph were opening the second location of Randolph’s Salon, they knew that they would need more systems to continue their success. That’s when they turned to Summit Salon Business Center. Since then, they have opened… Read more »

Genesis Hair Salon

Genesis Hair Salon   QUICK STATS: Owner: DeAnna Williams Summit Salon Consultant: Jennifer Boutwell Opened: 2009, 1100 Sq. Ft. Current Sq. Ft. : 5,000 Team: 14 stylists, 6 associates, 1 salon coordinator, 1 lead front desk, 3 front desk support, 1 massage therapist Pre-Summit Salon Systems Total Sales: $225,000 Average Service Sales/month: $21,000 Average Retail… Read more »

Tease Hair Boutique

Quick Stats Owner: Heather Silva Location: Norwell, MA Opened: 2008 Sq Ft: 1,200 Number of Locations: 1 Summit Salon Consultant: Tim Fisk Pre-Summit
 Total Annual sales: $470,664.25 Average Retail/month: $3,931 Average Services/month: $31,855 One Year after Summit Salon Systems (2015) Total Annual sales: +27% Average Retail/month: +46% Average Services/month: +25% TOTAL GROWTH (3 years, 2017)… Read more »

Salon Bogar: Front Desk Profit Power

Salon Owners: Amy & Alfredo Lamparelli Salon Manager: Ellen Donovan Salon Sq Ft: 4,200 Number of Chairs: 19 Front Desk Workshop: Profit Power and Live Action Day RTS %:  +18% Prebook %:  +72% Average Additional Services/Month for Front Desk Team (Total): +$13,000.00 (includes add-ons for future dates not yet realized.) Loyalty Membership sales are up… Read more »

Kate Gonzalez

When you Connect, you Grow       Quick Stats Kate Gonzalez Hedkandi Hotel Arts Stylist: 5 years Level: 3 Retail/Guest: $13.65 Re-book %: 70% Average Service Ticket/Client: $133.60         Kate Gonzalez grew up with all boys in her household. Her childhood was full of catching tadpoles, snakes and constant wrestling. As… Read more »

Chemistry Hair Salon

Chemistry Hair Salon Stats Owner: Bryan Sullivan Number of chairs: 12 Workshop: Front Desk Profit Power Workshop Front Desk Trainer: Jules Molina Results RTS%: Increased by +3% points! PREBOOK: Increased by +2% points! Average additional services month for front desk team: +$392/month over 2016 Gift Card Sales: + 54% Favorite Products   Chemistry Hair Salon… Read more »

Bespoke Beauty Bar

Owners: Christian and Alicia Blazevich Location: Wexford, PA Summit Salon Consultant: Jessica Luppold Opened: 2013 Sq Ft: 1,783 Number of Locations: 1 Favorite Products: Most Successful Sales Campaign: The client who refers the most new guests as well as the stylist with the most referrals within an eight week period – win a gift card… Read more »

Rio Hair Studio, Inc.

From Transition to Triumph Owner: Misty Burbridge Jacksonville, Florida Consultant: Sharmaine Giorgio Year Opened 1990 Sq Ft 1,750 Number of Locations: 1 Now, 16 stylists, average income $35,000 with the two highest earners making $92,000 Favorite Retail Contest: Writing down the 3 products on the travelers and rewarding people for their consistency.   Rio Hair… Read more »

Lucky Hair Co.

Business Mindset with a Leadership Focus! Canton, Michigan Owners: David and Melissa Coughlin Consultant: Lana Martell Opened in: October 2005 2013: 15 service providers, Total Sales: $619,000 2016: 3 years into Summit, 24 service providers, Total Sales: $1,312,000 +111%   Driven by the desire to provide a better work environment for others and themselves, Melissa… Read more »

Cara & Company Salon

Front Desk Workshop Spotlight Owner Name: Cara Hughes Square Feet of Salon: 1900 Number of chairs: 7 Workshop: First Impressions Certified Front Desk Trainer: Lashawnda Hall Cara & Company has been a Summit Salon since 2013. With Summit Salon Systems, owner Cara Hughes saw her salon company’s total sales increase by 81 percent in the… Read more »

Avenue Hair Studio & Spa

Owners: Neal & Dawn Carter Opened in 1997, 1800 sq ft Current Sq Ft: 6200 Number of locations: 1 Total Annual Sales: Pre-Summit: $1,000,080 1 Year: +20 percent 2 Years: + 8 percent Favorite retail campaign/contest: Buy 3 and the 4th is free. We ran this along with the take the products to the desk… Read more »

Signature Salon

Don’t just Survive, Thrive
! Profile by Sara Ren Altizer Quick Stats Total Annual Sales Pre- Summit: $299,320 2 Years Later, Total Increase in Annual Sales: +296% Favorite SSBC Products:           When Nichole Brewer opened Signature Salon in 2008, she had six stations and a team of independent contractors made up of… Read more »

Divine Design

Business Strategy to Outlast a Recession Profile by Sara Ren Altizer Quick Stats: Pre-Summit (2011) Total Annual sales: $ 1,749,405 Average Retail/month: $13,872 Average Services/month: $131,911 5 Years Later: Total Annual Sales: +51% Gift Card Sales Pre-Summit 2011: $272,000 5 Years Later, 2016: $718,327.63 +164% Favorite SSBC Products:    When companies are built on luck… Read more »

Leah Kelechava

Leah Kelechava Profile by Sara Ren Altizer  Quick Stats Level: 4 Elayne James Salon and Hair Color Studio Middletown, DE Years in the Industry: 3 Favorite SSBC Products: Over the Top! by Michael Cole   Leah’s journey into the professional beauty industry began in April 2014 at Paul M. Hodgson cosmetology school in Middletown, Delaware…. Read more »

Salon 327

Additional Services and Your Front Desk  Profile by Sara Ren Altizer Quick Stats: Open for: 7 years Workshop: Front Desk Profit Power Front Desk Consultant: Jules Molina Results: Additional Services +135% Favorite SSBC Product: Salon 327 is located in Oak Ridge, Tenessee and has been in business for seven years. Owners Michael Wilson and Debra… Read more »

Avenue Hair Design

Building a Culture that Counts Profile by Sara Ren Altizer QUICK STATS 2011, One Year Later: Total Annual Sales +70%, Average Retail/Month +91%, Average Services/month +68% 2015: Total Annual Sales +232%  Favorite SSBC Products:  Avenue Hair Design After devoting seventeen years to running Avenue Hair Design, owner Patti Paull was one more sleepless night away from giving… Read more »


Doing What She LOVES! Profile by Ren Lopa  Parents want what is best for their children, which is to see them succeed and live up to their full potential. Nina Madera graduated from the Summit Salon Academy and has now been working as a Level 2 stylist at Shear Art Salon & Spa in Tampa,… Read more »

Snips SpaSalon

A Third Generation Company with the Business Support to Last a Lifetime Profile by Sara Ren Altizer Snips SpaSalon has been a family-owned and operated business for three generations. Grace Springer, the matriarch of the family, originally opened the salon in her Minneapolis basement to allow her to work and be home with her four… Read more »