Stylist Sales Training

Over The Top Textbook

OVER THE TOP TEXTBOOK FIFTH EDITION! Includes updated tracking content that matches our current Social Digital Planner! Michael and Mary Cole have left no styling chair unturned in what is surely the definitive clientele development resource. Designed in a fun and easy to read format you’ll discover 200 plus pages of the best guest communication… Read more »

Summit Front Desk Team Career Path

Front Desk Scripts + Audio

Summit Salon Front Desk Script Guide and Audio Training CD: $49 each… Read more »

Front Desk Tracking System

Summit Salon Front Desk Tracking System Binder and Video Tutorials: $159.99… Read more »

Magic of Momentum

Magic of Momentum… Read more »


GET S-M-A-R-T!… Read more »

Summit Rock Star

Rock Star Secrets Video

Rock Star Secrets to Salon Success Every second of this 45 minute video is full of top tips used by real-life ROCK STAR salon professionals! The perfect tool to help SERVICE PROVIDERS advance to the NEXT LEVEL! INCLUDES: one USB (and USB adapter) with a video file featuring Kristi Valenzuela and PDF worksheet…. Read more »

Taking Your Retail Sales OTT

Taking Your Retail Sales Over The Top Michael Cole is on a mission! A mission to boost STYLIST confidence and income! This 3 CD program is jam-packed with empowering Attitudes, Actions, AND Scripts FOR SELLING RETAIL. Step-by-step discussions and script ideas paired with proven techniques for increasing retails sales. From the consultation to the final… Read more »

O-T-T Leader’s Guide


summit front desk team career growth

Front Desk Success Pkg

Front Desk Success Package: $276.99 INCLUDES: • AUDIO TRAINING!    THREE FRONT DESK SCRIPT GUIDES and Audio Training CD – 286 page Script Development Guide, Worksheets, and Personal Planner • SALES PLANNING AND TRACKING! FRONT DESK TRACKING SYSTEM – with USB Tool Kit (and USB adapter) Includes: – 2 Training Videos!  Part I:  Front Desk… Read more »

Stylist business training

Service Prov. Essentials Pkg

Service Provider Essentials Package Features our exclusive SOCIAL DIGITAL PLANNER that is designed to help ANY salon/spa career specialty to grow their business in the age of SOCIAL DIGITAL! Those who plan for PERFECT DAYS have MORE OF THEM. Make your perfect days a reality with this package AND SAVE! INCLUDES: ONE SUMMIT SOCIAL DIGITAL… Read more »

Assoc. Prog. Success Pkg

Associate Program Success Package:  $329.99 – A $200 savings! For more than ten years the Summit Salon Associate Program has been helping independent salons to build teams, culture, and PROFIT. Often referred to as “the ultimate interview process” this package features all the resources needed to complete your associate training at the best price available!… Read more »

Over The Top Textbook: $54.99

Front Desk Scripts + Audio: $49.99

Front Desk Tracking System: $159.99

Magic of Momentum: $59.99

GET S-M-A-R-T: $59.99

Rock Star Secrets Video: $59.99

Taking Your Retail Sales OTT: $49.99

O-T-T Leader’s Guide: $299.99

Front Desk Success Pkg: $276.99

Service Prov. Essentials Pkg: $85.99

Assoc. Prog. Success Pkg: $329.99