Summit Front Desk Team Career Path

Front Desk Scripts + Audio

Summit Salon Front Desk Script Guide and Audio Training CD: $49 each… Read more »

Front Desk Tracking System

Summit Salon Front Desk Tracking System Binder and Video Tutorials: $159.99… Read more »

Conquering Retailphobia

Conquering Retailphobia Understanding the buying and selling EXPERIENCE People buy SOLUTIONS, not products. Learn how to identify your buyer’s purchasing personality and have intelligent, professional conversations that focus on NEEDS. Master the buying experience and make the most of this profit powerhouse in your salon. AUDIO Featuring Kristi Valenzuela + PDF TOOLBOX + USB adapter… Read more »

Summit Rock Star

Rock Star Secrets Video

Rock Star Secrets to Salon Success Every second of this 45 minute video is full of top tips used by real-life ROCK STAR salon professionals! The perfect tool to help SERVICE PROVIDERS advance to the NEXT LEVEL! INCLUDES: one USB (and USB adapter) with a video file featuring Kristi Valenzuela and PDF worksheet…. Read more »

Front Desk Name Badge

FRONT DESK “CUSTOMIZABLE” MAGNETIC NAME BADGE Enhance your professional image with a personalized name tag for each front desk professional on your team! We love the title GUEST EXPERIENCE EXPERT rather than “receptionist”, it really shares a message with your salon guest that our purpose is to provide a great experience. It’s also a mini… Read more »

Front Desk Scripts + Audio: $49.99

Front Desk Tracking System: $159.99

Conquering Retailphobia: $134.99

Rock Star Secrets Video: $59.99

Front Desk Name Badge: $7.99