This Microlearning series is brought to you by Summit Salon Business Center, featuring Michael Cole, and spotlighting different MARKET LEADER Salon Owners and Service Providers across North America. We share their best practices within the Summit Salon Systems to inspire your staff meetings, enhance your leadership and increase your success.

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Episode 1: One on One’s
Human Focused. Making it Personal. Strong Relationships

Featuring Stiletto Salon Manager, Erin Conlon

Episode 2: Social Media
Hustle. Reach Out. Boost.
Featuring Ensemble Salon et Spa Stylist, Somer Griffin

Episode 3: Social Media
Influencers, Photoshoots and Devices
Featuring the Owner of Salon Bella Vi, Alison Rodriguez-Jones

Episode 4: Calculators
Magic Day Calc
Featuring, Michael Cole

Episode 5: Social Media
Look Ahead. Stand Out. Invite.
Featuring Stylist, Jen Guido

Episode 6: Social Media
Strategy. Ask. Brand.
Featuring Stylist, Shelby Kuzlik

Episode 7: Social Media
Be Open. Initiate. Be Intentional.
Featuring Stylist, Demi Letworth Carriere

Episode 8: Online Reviews
World Class Service. Capture Reviews. Follow Up.
Featuring Stylist, Miranda Galovitch

Episode 9: Social Media
Prioritize. Direct. Produce.
Featuring Stylist, Elizabeth Eisenstein

Episode 10: Social Media
Tell a Story. Engage. Encourage.
Featuring Stylist, Elizabeth Strusz

Episode 11: Social Media
Create an Experience. Mix it up. Collaborate.
Featuring Stylist, Blake Webster

Episode 12: Social Media
Verbiage. Details. Tools.
Featuring Stylist, Keirsten Motz

Episode 13: Guest Experience
Unite. Create an Impact. Form a Connection.
Featuring Stylist, Logan Eastham

Episode 14: Social Media
Educate. Get Involved. Interact.
Featuring Stylist, Logan Eastham

Episode 15: Social Media
Guide. Evolve. Make an Impression.
Featuring Stylist, Hallie

Episode 16: Social Media
Run Contests. Encourage. Set Expectations.
Featuring Stylist, Peyton Gibson

Episode 17: Social Media
Evolve. Propel. Build Relationships.
Featuring Stylist, Alex Pardoe

Episode 18: Social Media
Get Noticed. Be Memorable. Personality Focused.
Featuring Stylist, Christina Leist

Episode 19: Social Media
Build Bonds. Create Systems. Market Yourself.
Featuring Stylist, Mattie Stonebreaker

Episode 20: Social Media
Branch Out. Leverage Media. Use New Features.
Featuring Stylist, Sheila Adriano

Episode 21: Social Media
Challenge Yourself. Show your Expertise. Work Together.
Featuring Stylist, Colissa Nole

Episode 22: Social Media
Have the Conversation. Stay Consistent. Use all Resources.
Featuring Stylist, Trinity Muncy

Episode 23: Social Media
Show with Video. Get Personal. Create New Ways.
Featuring Stylist, Ed Gonzalez

Episode 24: Social Media
Lead the Consultation. Make it Easy. Educate Your Guest.
Featuring Stylist, Mattie Stonebreaker

Episode 25: Social Media
Stay Relevant. Advertise. Add Value.
Featuring Stylist, Falisha Steplight

Episode 26: Social Media
Assign a Position. Budget. How to Boost.
Featuring Summit Salon Owner, Gavin Salsbery

Episode 27: Social Media
Visual Branding. Steadiness. Staying True.
Featuring Stylist, Laura Carmichael

Episode 28: Social Media
Prepare. Show Gratitude. Connect.
Featuring Stylist, Sandy Vlasek

Episode 29: Social Media
Be Original. Remind. Bring Awareness.
Featuring Massage Therapist, Kristy Aitchison

Episode 30: Social Media
Involve your Audience. Inform. Be Yourself.
Featuring Stylist, Kristen Lea Roland

Episode 31: Social Media
Create Confidence. Show Offers. Post Reviews.
Featuring Summit Salon Spa Specialist, Victoria Perry

Episode 32: Social Media
Enhance. Discover. Tutorials
Featuring Stylist, Molly Getz

Episode 33: Social Media
Elevate Interactions. Highlight Services. Re-evaluate Weekly.
Featuring Front Desk Guest Expert, Allisen Sanders

Episode 34: Social Media
Become Searchable. Budget. Google Reviews.
Featuring Salon Owner, Chelle Neff

Episode 35: Social Media
Show Your Work. Educate. Plan Ahead.
Featuring Salon Owner, Deanna Williams

Episode 36: Social Media
Lighten The Mood. Inform. Provide Instruction.
Featuring Esti, Sunni Reynolds

Episode 37: Social Media
Use Strategy. Contests. Make It Simple.
Featuring Stylist, CaylaRae Ledbetter

Episode 38: Social Media
Notify, Stay Current and Build Connections.
Featuring Stylist, Mandy Hopper

Episode 39: Social Media
Refine. Time Lapse. Cliffhangers.
Featuring Stylist, Jen Guido

Episode 40: Social Media
Respond, Encourage and Keep Going.
Featuring Owner, Sara El-Toumi

Episode 41: Social Media
Recommendations, Stories and Time Slots. 
Featuring Stylist, Kenzie Richmond

Episode 42: Social Media
Google My Business Tutorial.
Featuring Managing Partner, Kim Light

Episode 43: Social Media
Booking Techniques, Get Cozy and Stay Social. 
Featuring Stylist, Evie Rivera- Peterson

Episode 44: Social Media
Be Strategic, Make It Exciting and Stay Connected. 
Featuring Owner, Jenn Yeager

Episode 45: Social Media
Maintain Relationships, Document and Get Exposure. 
Featuring Owner, Christy Mellender

Episode 46: Social Media
Explain, Awareness Tactics and Story Strategy.
Featuring Stylist, Kelleigh Strange

Episode 47: Social Media
Social Media App Tutorial.
Featuring Stylist, Blake Reed Evans

Episode 48: Team Culture
Retention, Hitting Goals and Making it Fun. 
Featuring Manager, Sarah Healy

Episode 49: Social Media
Stay Current, Update Often and Elevate the Experience.
Featuring Owner, Emily Richardson

Episode 50: Social Media
Connect, Talk About You and Give Directions.
Featuring Owner, Elizabeth Eisenstein

Episode 51: Social Media
Retail Boost, Virtual Consulting and Staying Live.
Featuring Owner, Sharlena Bell

Episode 52: Social Media
Coaching, Script Guide and Collaborate.
Featuring Certified Associate Trainer, Julie Rubino

Episode 53: Social Media
Intention, Be Realistic and Stories.
Featuring Stylist, Samantha Mestone

Episode 54: Social Media
Key Words, Linked Accounts and Take Action.
Featuring Owner, Jessica Luppold

Episode 55: Social Media
Repost, Use Resources and Highlight Education.
Featuring Stylist, Ed Gonzalez

Episode 56: Social Media
Repost, Use Resources and Highlight Education.
Featuring Owner, Liz Rose

Episode 57: Social Media
Encourage, Keep Moving and Innovate.
Featuring Owner, Jaison Henry

Episode 58: Social Media
Become Social. Manage Reviews and Online Booking.
Featuring Owner, Carl Glorisio

Episode 59: Team Culture
Coach, Adjust and Learn.
Featuring Owner, Pattie Kobe

Episode 60: Social Media
Communication, Photos and Collaborate.
Featuring Owner, Tiffany Deveraux

Episode 61: Social Media
Growth, Education and People.
Featuring Owner, Fallon Helm

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