What you Permit, you Promote

Why your stylists are still showing up late and out of dress code!

Join a panel of five dedicated Salon Leadership and Marketing experts sharing what they’ve learned on the front lines.

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Salon owners frequently express frustration about service providers showing up late, being out of dress code, leaving early… etc. More often than not, instead of focusing on what the service providers are doing wrong- the owners need to take a step back and evaluate what THEY could be doing to send the wrong message. Summit Salon Consultant, David Hodges, who is the owner of multiple location salon company, Salon Disegno in Georgia, shares what works for his company and what he has experienced as a consultant across the country.

“Rules run the company NOT emotion,” he explains. “The number one job of a salon owner is to protect the people that do good in your company at all times. When we fail to act we end up punishing our good and hardworking stylists.”

Your salon culture can take a big hit as well. Service providers begin to feel like some are receiving special privileges or simply start observing that there are no repercussions and therefore develop the same bad habits that you are allowing in your company.


To protect your salon culture and add more accountability into your business, follow these 5 TIPS


  1. Monthly Staff Meetings

Build a system of publicly rewarding stylists who have been following the procedures the right way. Not only is this positive reinforcement but it is also a great way to explain, consistently, what the expectations are for the team and show that you are paying attention.

  1. It’s not About WHO is Right, but WHAT

Having strong policies in place takes the personal out of the scenario. It isn’t that you do not like a service provider- you do not like their BEHAVIOR. When the rules are evident then you can approach coaching situations in a calm and direct way.

  1. Monthly One-on-One’s

Having regularly scheduled time with your service providers allows for private follow up and regular checking in on their progress. It is also a good time to identify problem areas by coming up with solutions to motivate and inspire them.

  1. Three Strikes, You’re Out

David Hodges recommends the three strikes, you’re out rule. If they are not following your business practices that are outlined in your handbook- then write them up. “You don’t have to get emotional about it.” He explains, “Just let them know- if we write you up more than three times in one year then you terminate yourself from our salon company.”

  1. Hire Slow and Fire Fast

Take your time in the recruitment process. The best way to build the team you desire is to hire service providers who have the least amount of baggage possible- meaning newly licensed salon professionals. This way YOU have control over training and teaching them. However, take your time in the interviewing process AND don’t ignore red flags! If they are not a good fit for your team long term, uninvite them and move on!


What do you think? How do YOU hold your team accountable?


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