Wealth Mentality: We have to stop Teaching People how to be poor




As salon owners we need to stop and ask ourselves, “how are we growing our people?”



Somebody who walks into the salon company every day with wealth mentality understands that there is enough to go around – enough guests, enough money and enough opportunities. Someone with wealth mentality is focused on building a strong community with fellow owners or service providers because they understand that collaborating and having a support system will only help them grow and become better. They recognize that they don’t have to fight their neighbor to get their share – there is enough for everyone.

Somebody with a poverty mentality operates in fear and competition. They see like minded stylists, owners and salons and see them as a threat to their personal livelihood and business. There is focus is that, “THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH, I need my piece of it!”

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As leaders, it is our responsibility to grow people. That means that we can no longer afford, in our industry, to teach people to be poor. Instead, we need to teach them to build wealth.


By focusing on the simple fact that “no” is a beautiful word.



When you look at a JOB salon or HOBBY salon, unfortunately there is a poverty mentality that happens inside of those walls. There is constantly a conversation about what people will NOT DO. If you have the willingness to put yourself out there you have a wealth mentality because you understand that the worst thing that anyone can ever say to you is “No, thank you!”

The average customer doesn’t know the different between a good cut and great cut, or a good color and great color – but they ALL KNOW the difference between a good salon experience and a great salon experience. That wealth mentality is that I’m going to offer anything and everything that I can to enhance the guest experience while they’re in my space instead of thinking who can who can’t who will who won’t.

Wealth mentality is all about just focusing on a great experience.

That top 8% which is our target client – they don’t care about how much things cost, they care about if it’s a great experience or a bad one.

A service provider with poverty mentality prejudges their guests, and assumes “She can’t afford it and that one definitely can’t afford it.” This attitude can also be displayed by having two (or more) separate price lists. One for new clients and one for old clients. This mentality is all about trying to qualify someone to pay more or pay less.

A service provider with wealth mentality is focused on creating a STANDARD with consistent offerings and an authentic voice. They strive to provide the guest the absolute best customer service and to go above and beyond her/his expectations.


Wealth mentality vs poverty mentality is NOT ABOUT MONEY.

It is about the level of experience that we are going to provide to someone who comes to the salon.


Our WORK and our WORDS define our salon. Intelligent Verbiage is the launching pad for providing world class service and establishing yourself as a market leader!


What do you think? Are you creating an environment of WEALTH MENTALITY?


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