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Featuring, Kristi Valenzuela
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Buyer personalities– everybody has one. Some are easier to spot than others, but they are all there. As salon owners we’ve definitely heard the following statement (or as service providers, we’ve most likely said it!):

“None of my clients buy retail.”

While I’m not discounting the FEELING that this service provider has, I DO want to suggest that when we are able to speak the SAME LANGUAGE as our guests- we will be able to see better results.

The reality is that, like most things in life, we assume other people are the same as us. If I am someone who is very motivated by sales and specials- I am going to talk to others with the assumption that THEY are motivated by sales and specials. Therefore, when I see that they are not purchasing or taking advantage of the “limited time” offers, I can feel frustrated and confused.

LUCKILY, there’s a fix for this. By taking the time to learn ALL of the buyer personalities PLUS learning how to IDENTIFY them, you will be able to BREAK THROUGH to that next level!

Kristi Valenzuela, the creator of Conquering Retailphobia, Shareholder of Summit Salon Business Center and the Director of the Product and Sales Division shares the top THREE most common buyer personalities:

  1. Specials/ Savings/ Sales
    • This personality is defined by people who are attracted to getting the best deal. The easiest way to spot this kind of personality is when you compliment her and she responds, “It was only $10 at Marshalls!”
    • Retail Script: “For a limited time it is 20% OFF which is almost $8 a bottle! Make sure you stock up!”
      • The BEST PRACTICE is to tell her the % she is saving ALONG WITH the $ amount. This personality also loves to use sales to stock up.
  2. Convenience
    • This personality is defined by people who have more money than time. They like the idea that what was used is available on the shelves before they leave. These clients may have a habit of emphasizing time- they are in a hurry, have a deadline, or are frequently traveling. They care less about PRICE and more about being accommodated.
    • Retail Script: “To save you time, I have already set aside the products we’ve used today along with a couple of travel sizes for your upcoming trip!”
  3. Features and Benefits
    • This personality is SOLUTION focused. This type does not buy a product, they buy a solution to their specific needs and problems. This client may emphasize what they are struggling with when it comes to their hair. It is important to ask questions!
    • Retail Script: “You mentioned that you struggle with your hair falling flat by the time you leave the office– that is why I’ve chosen Control Addict 28 for you! Not only will it hold your hair but it also has the STAY STRONG COMPLEX with apricot, coriander and camelina to strengthen your hair from the inside out!”

What do you think? What personalities do YOU witness on a regular basis behind the chair?


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