Top 3 Reasons we Don’t Set Goals

Only 5% of people ever set any goals and even fewer of them commit it to paper even though we know that people who DO set goals actually achieve them. IF IT REALLY works that well, then why don’t more people do it?

It’s important to understand a little physiology. It’s impossible for a human being to be conscious of more than 5 or 6 things at a time.

In your daily activities, you’re conscious of some things:

  • The temperature
  • The color of someone’s hair
  • What someone is saying to you

The minute that something else comes into your conscious mind, something has to leave.

The reason that people that don’t set goals, struggle, is because the things that are really important are what comes in and out of their mind. What they tend to focus on, is what they’ve experienced in their life – which is their past – and why they repeat the same patterns over and over again.

They reason why people who set goals achieve more is because they are occupying that conscious space with places they are GOING instead of places that they’ve been. They are much less likely to get distracted by old thoughts and old notions because they are focused on the behaviors that are going to get them where they want to go next.

So what stops people from doing this?

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    • The #1 belief that most people have is that they don’t think they’re worthy or that they can do it. They just don’t believe that they can do it. Because of this belief, they keep proving themselves right by sabotaging and continuing to hold onto negative ideas.
    • Our first exposure to goal setting as a young person, is often someone else setting a goal for us that has more to do with them as opposed to what you want or need to reach what you want. A lot of us grow up, accepting goals, only knowing what’s in it for someone else, instead of what’s in it for us.
    • This means we tend towards people pleasing instead of taking ownership over it.
    • We get excited, we set a goal and we fail. And so we give up. That really comes back from this whole conditioning of success and failure. We don’t believe in success or failure. We believe in cause and effect. If you do something, you get a result – if you like the result, you keep doing it. If you don’t like the result, then stop doing it. The more you practice something the better you become at it.
    • Remember, it’s not a failure if you land further than if you hadn’t set the goal in the first place.


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What do you think? How do you stay motivated to set goals?


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