Associate Program: 3 Tips to Book on the 45

Scheduling is EVERYTHING when it relates to the Associate Program. You want to be working smarter vs. harder. You want to be able to see MORE guests in the same amount of time – because you have the second set of hands. Otherwise, why bother?

We didn’t promise it would be easy. We’ve facilitated this program and coached one on one with the market leaders in the industry and we know that this is scary. You might be afraid of giving up control or worried that your guests will decide to leave you for someone else. Change is scary, growth is intimidating. And we want to stress that you don’t HAVE to do anything. If you choose to though, scheduling correctly means that you have the opportunity to see up to 3 extra guests per day. When you work a 32 hour work week – that equates to $20,000 MORE annually. This is how you reach six figures working 32 hours.

So what does scheduling look like with an Associate?
We recommend that there is a new guest coming in every 45 minutes. Period. Meaning, there is no finish time and the guest never comes back on the book for the haircut or style. Every day – you and your Associate will set up and know what services are being provided by who, and who’s doing what when. 45 Minutes has been tried and tested as the natural flow.

So how do you make this work?



We recommend doing a dry haircut! You can still fine tune everything once the hair is styled, but by doing the majority of the cut when it is dry and before applying color – you will be able to work more efficiently and still deliver an excellent quality guest experience.

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You need to be in complete control of your schedule, you need to know what services are scheduled with what type of hair.

For so long, we have trained our guests to be in charge of our schedule by saying – “Can we see you same day, same time?” Let’s schedule with more strategy and intention where we can recommend a good time and the best time for them and then you get to choose how you work and when you work.



Code words answer all of the “what ifs.” Here are a couple of examples:

What if my associate won’t stop talking and is telling all of her crazy stories?

The little green comb in my tool belt means, “Please stop talking” – so when I pull out my green comb and hand it to her, she knows that she should stop talking, and my guest has no idea.

What if my Associate starts daydreaming and not doing the technique the way that we discussed?

Your code words could be, “Perfect – that’s perfect!” If  you notice the associate has left for a daydream and is not following the technique the way it should be – you could say, “You’re doing it perfect! That’s looking perfect!” to remind her to get back on track and to pay attention to what she’s doing. Again, the guest is not aware that there’s anything going on – and you’re still in control of the situation.

At the end of the day, it’s all about creating an environment where you can make the most money – having the most fun!

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What do you think? Have you tried scheduling on the 45?


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