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Tickets.  Are they a waste of paper or an intelligent business strategy? In my opinion, it depends on the leadership.

At Summit Salon Business Center, we believe that salons should be systems-driven rather than personality-driven. Every salon has its own culture, and it is that culture that makes going to an independent salon such a wonderful experience. In order for a healthy culture to thrive, it must be supported by a cohesive system. The most successful salons in North America utilize a ticket (traveler) to enhance the guest experience.

A salon ticket should contain the following components:

  1. Guest Name
  2. Pre-reserved services
  3. Space to add additional services accepted on the spot
  4. Future Reservation—recommended date/week for the next visit
  5. Re-creating the Look—space to write down three products that were used to create today’s look


Think of the ticket as a tool that is as important to your work as your shears. For example, when a guest decides to enjoy that “treatment haircut” today rather than the standard haircut that was pre-reserved, make note of the upgrade on the ticket. This prevents the stylist from forgetting to charge the guest for that service. But it’s not entirely about the money. Ultimately, it is about offering a quality guest experience and establishing expectations about cost.  If a stylist inadvertently forgets to charge for this enhanced service, the guest will place a low value on it.

The art of bettering your best demands consistent habits, and utilizing tickets in a consistent manner has been shown to increase sales. It is like an exercise routine. When a stylist makes the commitment to utilize a ticket to grow her business, it sets a precedent for being consistent. We all recognize that each time consumers visit the salon, they want to be offered an additional service or product. We also know that they love to say, “no thank you!” Regardless of the outcome, a well-designed ticket can reinforce consistency. If there is space to write additional services accepted during the visit, a stylist is not likely to forget to offer that treatment!

Newer service providers sometimes find the process of securing a future reservation cumbersome. Rather than living in fear of the rejection, use the ticket to consistently tell the guest when you need to see them again and why. Writing down the appointment in front of the guest shows them that you mean business! It also shows that you are being honest, and, most importantly, that you are inviting them back. It’s just polite.

A service provider runs the risk of sabotaging the guest experience if they do not explain which products were used to create a look. If we don’t give clients the opportunity to do it themselves, then the look is only good for a few days. Not okay. The ticket reminds the service provider to seamlessly tell the guest what they used on their hair today and why it was chosen specifically for them. No fear of rejection, just fact!

The ticket itself is a back-stage tool. It enables us to be consistent, gracious, intelligent, and professional. Once all of the information is communicated through the ticket, the front desk can intelligently close all sales.

Leadership is paramount when using tickets to ensure consistency. You decide. Don’t underestimate the power of the ticket!

What do you think? How do you use tickets to get better results?


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