Increase Team Synergy with Salon Staff Meetings!

Our Top Three Tips to get your FRONT DESK Involved in Salon Staff Meetings!

Our Certified Front Desk Trainers have helped a lot of salon companies create PROFIT CENTERS at their Front Desk.
At these workshops and at our seminars we hear from salon owners just like you who express their biggest challenges when it comes to the salons front desk:

You know what they say it is?

The dynamic between salon service providers and the salon front desk team can be challenging at best and down right frustrating at its worst. So what can you do to help bring everyone together?

Summit Salon Certified Front Desk Trainer, Brittany Wilson, shares her top three tips to increase synergy by adding your front desk team into your STAFF MEETINGS! 


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1. Celebrate Goals

Whenever a front desk team member hits his/her goal (which can be set and tracked using the  Front Desk Tracking System)celebrate that with the entire team during the staff meeting. Simply share, “Mary was able to add up to $900 to your books in the month of December!

The whole salon team loves to celebrate that and it really shows the service providers the hard work that the front desk team has done.

2. Product Education

Have your front desk team educate your service providers on NEW PRODUCTS! The Product Training Worksheet in the Front Desk Script Guide guides them on the features and benefits, what needs the product solves and who it is perfect for.

Not only will this get everyone on the same page but the service providers will be able to see the full range of knowledge that the front desk team has as well.

3. Phone Greeting

In order to stay fresh and deliver excellent customer service, Summit Salon Business Center recommends updating your salon phone greeting every month. Having a set script creates consistency and keeps things simple and professional.

Have your front desk team share that current months greeting during the staff meeting. This way, when a service provider jumps in to help or assist the desk during busy times, there will be consistency and they can easily work together.


What do you think? How do you get your front desk team involved in you staff meetings?


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