3 Tips for Positive, Productive and Profitable Team Meetings

3 Tips for Positive, Productive and Profitable Team Meetings

By, Kristi Valenzuela


Better salon culture is always at the top of mind with salon owners that we’ve worked with. Coming together frequently with your team can ensure that you are all on the same page and rooted in the values of your company. Here are our top 3 tips for better team meetings!


Schedule them Monthly

Touching base every month is a great way to keep your current promotions and goals at the forefront in your company. Try to schedule these out for the year in advance. We recommend 60 minutes to keep your team engaged without going overboard.

Enhance Team Confidence with Product Knowledge

Ask your sales consultant or your team members to spotlight three products during your time together. These can be the hottest product on the shelves or your favorite tried and true classics. By highlighting the features and benefits, ideal hair texture and best tips for using at home – your team can have even more confident retail conversations with their clients.

Focus on Success

This is a great time to celebrate level jumps, acknowledge big retail or service sales and to come together to celebrate the internal promotions that you’ve been running!

Those are our Top 3 Tips for Positive, Productive and Profitable team meetings!

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