Stylist Owners- Balancing the Business AND Clientele


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Featuring, Michael Nikolas
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Michael Nikolas is a service provider turned salon owner turned salon MASTER with Summit Salon Business Center. He has consulted with some of our greatest success stories and that is because he knows from experience what it is like to transition from being a service provider to being a business owner. Today he wants to tackle the challenges and offer his tips for growing success in your salon company! Here is his perspective:

The truth is that most owners start out as service providers and think they can provide a better life for themselves and others if they own their own salon. What they don’t realize is that inevitably they are going to hit a wall. This typically happens sooner rather than later usually is in one of three ways:

  1. Realizing they lack knowledge on business finances.
    • Knowing how the money needs to come in and go out.
  2. Recognizing they are now a LEADER.
    • Learning to LEAD their companies rather than be friends with their employee’s.
  3. Shifting their goals.
    • Understanding that growing their service providers and not their own guests is the key to everyone’s success.

So how can a stylist owner tackle these challenges head on?

to successfully manage a business AND clientele:

  1. Focus on the service providers.
    •  Mark out 30 to 45 minutes of your time each month and let this be a system where nobody moves those marked out times. This time will give you the space to hear what is going on in their life and build customized goals for them. It will help you feel connected while also giving you space to mentor and motivate them on a personal level.
  2. Have a system.
    • Have a solid clear career path that you can coach and mentor every employee in your company to. We recommend the Summit Salon Level System which clearly lays out earning potential and monthly/weekly/daily goals to show service providers how to achieve a six figure income- if they choose to.
  3. Be consistent and hold yourself and your team accountable.
    • Do not turn your head on the systems, stay true and hold all accountable to your beliefs. It will be challenging at first and you may feel like the bad guy but with consistency it WILL get easier and become a beautiful part of your every day salon culture. Trust in your vision enough to commit to it- and others will do the same.


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