SOCIAL MEDIA: Making it FUN for your Guest to Post About you on Social Media!


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Michael Cole shares Jen Guido’s TOP TIPS on TURNING POSTS INTO REFERRALS.

Featured on, @michaelcoleOTT Facebook Live Special Report
Featuring, Jen Guido

Jen Guido is a Social Media Hair Ninja and a  Level 3 stylist at Legacy Salon & Spa in Round Lake, IL. At 20 years old, she has started to MASTER the use of social media to bring in 150 referrals a year!

Here are her tips and steps to making it FUN for her guests!

Step 1, Before the Service:

The first step in this process is ALWAYS to get the clients permission to take photos and post them for your online portfolio. Jen recommends that directly following the consultation to say, “I am so excited about what we decided on today, do you mind if I take a picture after we’re done?”

Step 2, After the Service:

The Glamour Shot

Now that this has been a best practice of Jen for awhile, her guests KNOW and look forward to the GLAMOUR SHOT! She even has guests that come in at 8am with full makeup done so that they can get a GREAT photo out of their visit with Jen!

One she takes photos for her portfolio, Jen encourages her guest to go into the designated photo area to play and take selfies. She gives them time to do this alone- so that they don’t feel embarrassed. This alone time is KEY to seeing those hair selfies on social media!

Step 3, The Post:

Jen says that 30% of her guests will post selfies directly on their social media pages. IF they are “friends” on Facebook then they will tag her. Nonetheless, they are posting about her and her services for all of their friends to see! When she is able to comment, she will comment gratitude. She says something like, “OMG, that’s so pretty! I LOVE your hair! Thank you for letting me work on it.”

Step 4, The Results:

Jen is getting 150 referrals a YEAR through friends of her clients seeing their selfies on social media! And that is with only 30% of her clients doing this!

Step out, do something different, encourage your clients to show off their beauty and hair and get them feeling confident and excited about their new look!

When you do, big boom boom.

What do you think?

How do your service providers get their clients excited about posting on Social Media?



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