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Summit Social Media Ninja, Summit Salon Consultant, Salon Owner of Salon Disegno and level 4A stylist- CaylaRae Dickerson.

Those of you who have been following Summit Salon Business Center and Michael Cole for awhile are getting it- SOCIAL MEDIA IS A BIG DEAL. Salon owners and service providers alike must find ways to adapt to the integration of technology into business- or lose out to those who do.

As easy as this seems, it can be difficult… and at the very least it can be awkward. Service providers already have a lot going on. From running on time, to up-selling services and making retail offerings- when does one find time to even think about LET ALONE ASK a client if they can take a before and after for their online portfolio? Salon owners have to find ways to educate and empower their staff to be proactive on social media. This all starts with understanding it themselves.

Michael Cole approached his elite service provider team- the Summit Social Media Ninjas- and asked them this very question.

CaylaRae shared her scripts and the other Ninjas were loving it.
Here it is:

When asking for permission to take pictures timing is everything.

When do I ask permission to take BEFORE pictures?
On the back end of the consultation

Example Script:
“I am SO excited, this is going to be awesome, do you care if we take some before pictures?!”

When do I ask permission to take AFTER pictures?
On the back end of the finish.

When the guest is still in the chair admiring themselves in the mirror “Ahhhh, got to take after,
SO beautiful!”

As far as asking permission
I just know if it’s a yes or no by their excitement.

I’ve taken pictures before and never posted them because the guest says “I hate pictures of myself.” So I say, “Oh no worries I won’t get your face, these pictures are only for me and you!” Saying this calms my guest down and everything – everyone remains happy.

Having a photo area really helps to build the interest and excitement.
Now that people are seeing the ring light/picture area they are the ones keeping my butt in check if I don’t say something they ask me! “Uhhh can we take pictures over there…?” To which I reply, “Duhhh! Heck yes!”


What do you think? What scripts are working for your team when it comes to involving guests in social media?


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